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2001 WWF PPV Results

2001 WWF PPV Results


Royal Rumble - New Orleans Arena; New Orleans, LA 1/21/2001
- World Tag Team Title: The Dudley Boyz beat Edge & Christian to win the belts
- Ladder Match for Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho beat Chris Benoit to win the title
- Women's Title: Champ Ivory beat Chyna
- WWF Title: Champ Kurt Angle beat Triple H
- Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble last eliminating Kane

No Way Out - Thomas & Mack Center; Las Vegas, NV 2/25/2001
- Hardcore Title: Big Show beat Raven to win the title
- Intercontinental Title: Champ Chris Jericho beat Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero & X-Pac
- Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley beat Trish Stratus
- Best-of-3 Falls Match: Triple H beat Steve Austin in 3 falls. Austin won fall 1, Triple H won the last 2 falls which were street fight & cage match rules
- Steven Richards beat Jerry Lawler. Due to pre-match stipulations The Kat is forced to join Right to Censor
- Table match for Tag Team Title: Champion Dudley Boyz beat Edge & Christian, and Kane & The Undertaker
- WWF Title: The Rock beat Kurt Angle to win the title

WrestleMania X-7 - Astrodome; Houston, TX 4/1/2001
- Intercontinental Title: Champ Chris Jericho beat William Regal
- The APA & Tazz beat The Right to Censor
- Hardcore Title: Kane beat champ Raven & Big Show to win the title
- European Title: Eddie Guerrero beat Test to win the title
- Kurt Angle beat Chris Benoit
- Women's Title: Chyna beat Ivory to win the title
- Street Fight: Shane McMahon beat Vince McMahon
- TLC match for the World Tag Team Title: Edge & Christian beat champs The Dudley Boyz & The Hardy Boyz to win the title
- Gimmick Battle Royal: The Iron Sheik by last eliminating Hillbilly Jim
- The Undertaker beat Triple H
- WWF Title: Steve Austin beat the Rock to win the WWF title

Backlash - Allstate Arena; Chicago, IL 4/29/2001
- Justin Credible, X-Pac & Albert beat Buh Buh Ray, D-Von, & Spike Dudley
- Hardcore Title: Champ Rhyno beat Raven
- Duchess of Queensbury Match: William Regal beat Chris Jericho
- 30 minute ultimate submission match: Chris Benoit beat Kurt Angle 4-3
- Last Man Standing: Shane McMahon beat The Big Show
- European Title: Champion Matt Hardy beat Christian & Eddie Guerrero
- In a match for WWF, Intercontinental, & Tag Team Titles: WWF Champ Steve Austin & Intercontinental champ Triple H won the Tag Team Titles from Kane & The Undertaker

Judgment Day - Arco Arena; Sacramento, CA 5/20/2001
- William Regal beat Rikishi
- Best-of-3 Falls: Kurt Angle beat Chris Benoit
- Hardcore Title: Champion Rhyno beat The Big Show & Test
- Women's Title: Champion Chyna beat Lita
- Chain Match for the Intercontinental Title: Kane beat Triple H to win the title
- 7 team gauntlet match: Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho won the match by last beating Edge & Christian
- WWF Title: Champ Steve Austin beat The Undertaker

King of the Ring - Continental Airlines Arena; East Rutherford, NJ 6/24/2001
- Tournament Semi-final: Kurt Angle beat Christian
- Tournament Semi-final: Edge beat Rhyno
- World Tag Team Titles: The Dudley Boyz beat Spike Dudley & Kane
- Tournament Final: Edge beat Kurt Angle to win the tournament
- Lightheavyweight Title: Champ Jeff Hardy beat X-Pac
- Street Fight: Kurt Angle beat Shane McMahon
- Non-sanctioned encounter with no ref: Undertaker beat up Dallas Page until Page ran away
- WWF Championship: Champ Steve Austin beat Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit

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