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1999 WWF PPV Results

1999 WWF PPV Results


Royal Rumble - Arrowhead Pond; Anaheim, CA 1/24/1999
- Big Bossman beat Hardcore Champ Jesse James in a non-title match
- Intercontinental Title: Champ Ken Shamrock beat Billy Gunn
- European Title: Champ X-Pac beat Gangrel
- Women's Title: Champ Sable beat Luna in a strap match
- I Quit Match for WWF Title: The Rock beat Mankind to win the title
- Vince McMahon won the Royal Rumble match by last eliminating Steve Austin

St. Valentine's Day Massacre: In Your House - The Pyramid; Memphis, TN 2/14/1999
- Goldust beat The Blue Meanie
- Hardcore Title: Bob Holly beat Al Snow to win the vacant title
- Big Bossman beat Midean
- Tag Team Title: Champs Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett beat D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry
- Intercontinental Championship: Val Venis won the title from Ken Shamrock in a match officiated by Billy Gunn
- Chyna & Kane beat Triple H & X-Pac
- Last Man Standing for WWF Title: Champ Mankind & The Rock fought to a no contest
- Steel Cage match for WrestleMania title shot: Steve Austin beat Vince McMahon

WrestleMania XV - First Union Center; Philadelphia, PA 3/28/1999
- Triple Threat Match for Hardcore Title: Bob Holly beat Champ Billy Gunn & Al Snow to win the title
- Tag Team Title: Champs Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett beat D-Lo Brown & Test
- Brawl for All: Butterbean knocked out Bart Gunn
- Mankind beat Big Show by DQ
- Four corner elimination match for Intercontinental title: Champ Jesse James beat Val Venis, Goldust & Ken Shamrock
- Triple H beat Kane by DQ
- Women's Title: Champ Sable beat Tori
- European Title: Champ Shane McMahon beat X-Pac
- Hell in a Cell: Undertaker beat The Big Bossman
- WWF Title: Steve Austin beat the Rock to win the WWF title

Backlash: In Your House - Civic Center; Providence, RI 4/25/1999
- Bradshaw, Faarooq & Midian beat The Brood
- Hardcore Title: Al Snow beat Bob Holly to win the title
- Intercontinental Title: Champ The Godfather beat Goldust
- The New Age Outlaws beat Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett
- Boiler Room Brawl: Mankind beat The Big Show
- Triple H beat X-Pac
- The Undertaker beat Ken Shamrock
- WWF Title: Champ Steve Austin beat The Rock

Over The Edge - Kemper Arena; Kansas City, MO 5/23/1999
- Tag Team Title: Champs Kane & X-Pac beat D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry
- Hardcore Title: Champ Al Snow beat Bob Holly
- Intercontinental Title: The scheduled match between Champ The Godfather & Owen Hart didn't take place because of a tragic accident that occurred during Owen Hart's entrance.
- Val Venis & Nicole Bass beat Jeff Jarret & Debra
- Billy Gunn beat Jesse James
- It was announced to the crowd watching at home, not to the fans in the arena, that Owen Hart died from the injuries he suffered earlier in the evening.
- Elimination Match: The Union beat Faarooq, Bradshaw, Big Bossman & Viscersa
- The Rock beat Triple H by DQ
- WWF Title: The Undertaker beat Steve Austin to win the title

King of the Ring - Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC 6/27/1999
- Quarterfinals: X-Pac beat Bob Holly by DQ
- Quarterfinals: Billy Gunn beat Ken Shamrock
- Quarterfinals: Kane beat The Big Show
- Quarterfinals: Jesse James beat Chyna
- Jeff & Matt Hardy beat Edge & Christian
- Semi-finals: Billy Gunn beat Kane
- Semi-finals: X-Pac beat Jesse James
- WWF Title: Champ The Undertaker beat The Rock
- Finals: Billy Gunn beat X-Pac
- Handicap ladder match to become CEO: Vince & Shane McMahon beat Steve Austin

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