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1998 WWF PPV Results

1998 WWF PPV Results


Royal Rumble - San Jose Arena; San Jose, CA 1/18/1998
- Vader beat Goldust
- Max Mini, Nova, & Mosaic beat Tarantula, El Torito, & Battalion
- Intercontinental Title: Champ The Rock beat Ken Shamrock by DQ
- Casket Match for WWF Title: Champ Shawn Michaels beat The Undertaker
- Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble last eliminating The Rock

No Way Out of Texas - Compaq Center; Houston, TX 2/15/1998
- The Headbangers beat Marc Mero & Goldust
- Light Heavyweight Title: Champ Taka Michinoku beat Pantera
- The Godwinns beat The Quebecers
- NWA North American Title: Bradshaw beat Champ Jeff Jarrett by DQ
- Chainz, Skull, 8 Ball, Ahmed Johnson, & Ken Shamrock beat The Rock, Kama D-Lo Brown, Faarooq, & Mark Henry
- Kane beat Vader
- Steve Austin, Mankind, Owen Hart & Chainsaw Charlie beat Triple H Billy Gunn, Jesse James, & Savio Vega

WrestleMania XIV - FleetCenter; Boston, MA 3/29/1998
- Tag Team Battle Royal: L.O.D. 2000 won by last eliminating The New Midnight Express
- Lightheavyweight Title: Champ Taka Michinoku beat Aguila
- European Title: Champ Triple H beat Owen Hart. Chyna & Sgt. Slaughter were handcuffed together out side the ring.
- Marc Mero & Sable beat Goldust & Luna
- Intercontinental Title: Champ The Rock beat Ken Shamrock by reverse decision
- Dumpster Match for Tag Team Title: Cactus Jack & Terry Funk beat champs Billy Gunn & Jesse James to win the title
- The Undertaker beat Kane
- WWF Title Match with Mike Tyson as Special Enforcer: Steve Austin beat Shawn Michaels to win the title

Unforgiven: In Your House - Greensboro Coliseum; Greensboro, NC 4/26/1998
- Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman & Faarooq beat The Rock, D-Lo Brown, & Mark Henry
- European Title: Champ Triple H beat Owen Hart
- NWA Tag Team Title: Champions The New Midnight Express beat The Rock-n-Roll Express
- Evening Gown Match: Luna beat Sable
- Tag Team Titles: The New Age Outlaws beat L.O.D. 2000
- Inferno Match: Undertaker beat Kane
- WWF Title: Dude Love beat Champ Steve Austin by DQ

Over The Edge - Wisconsin Center Arena; Milwaukee, WI 5/31/1998
- L.O.D. 2000 beat The Disciples of Apocalypse
- Jeff Jarrett beat Steve Blackman
- Marc Mero beat Sable. As a result, Sable was fired.
- Kaientai beat Bradshaw & Taka Michinoku
- Intercontinental Title: Champ The Rock beat Faarooq
- Mask vs. Mask: Kane beat Vader
- Owen Hart, Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown beat Degeneration X
- WWF Title: Champ Steve Austin beat Dude Love in a match where the stipulations kept changing because Mr. McMahon was special referee

King of The Ring - Civic Arena; Pittsburgh, PA 6/28/1998
- Taka Michinoku & The Headbangers beat Kaientai
- Semi-Final: Ken Shamrock beat Jeff Jarrett
- Semi-Final: The Rock beat Dan Severn
- Jerry Lawler is Referee: Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor beat Al sonw & Head
- X-Pac beat Owen Hart
- Tag Team Title: Champs The New Age Outlaws beat The New Midnight Express
- Finals: Ken Shamrock beat The Rock by submission to win the tournament
- Hell in a Cell: The Undertaker beat Mankind
- First Blood Match for WWF Title: Kane beat Steve Austin to win the title

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