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1996 WWF PPV Results

1996 WWF PPV Results


In Your House: International Incident - General Motors Place; Vancouver, British Columbia 7/21/1996
- Justin Bradshaw beat Savio Vega
- Mankind beat Henry Godwinn
- Skip & Zip beat Tag Team Champions The Smokin' Guns in a non-title match
- The Undertaker and Goldust fought to a no contest
- Big Van Vader, Owen Hart, & Davey Boy Smith beat Shawn Michaels, Sid & Ahmed Johnson

SummerSlam - Gund Arena; Cleveland, OH 8/18/1996
- Steve Austin beat Yokozuna
- Owen Hart pinned Savio Vega
- Tag Team Title: Champions The Smokin' Gunns beat The Godwinns, Skip & Zip, & Leif Cassidy& Marty Janetty in a four way tag team elimination match
- Sid beat Davey Boy Smith
- Goldust beat Marc Mero
- Jerry Lawler beat Jake Roberts
- Boiler Room Brawl: Mankind beat The Undertaker due to Paul Bearer turning on The Undertaker
- WWF Title: Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Big Van Vader

In Your House: Mind Games - CoreStates Spectrum; Philadelphia, PA 9/22/1996
- Strap Match: Savio Vega beat Justin Hawk Bradshaw
- Jose Lothario beat Jim Cornette
- Tag Team Title: Owen Hart & The British Bulldog beat beat The Smokin' Gunns to win the title
- Mark Henry beat Jerry Lawler
- The Undertaker beat Goldust
- WWF Title: Champion Shawn Michaels beat Mankind by DQ

In Your House: Buried Alive - Market Square Arena; Indianapolis, IN 10/20/1996
- Steve Austin beat Hunter Hearst Helmsley
- Tag Team Title: Champions Owen Hart & The British Bulldog beat The Smokin' Gunns
- Intercontinental Title: Champion Marc Mero beat Goldust
- Sid beat Vader to earn a shot at the title at Survivor Series
- Buried Alive: Undertaker beat Mankind

Survivor Series - Madison Square Garden; New York, NY 11/17/1996
- Doug Furnas, Phil Lafon, & The Godwinns beat Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Marty Janetty, & Leif Cassidy
- Undertaker beat Mankind in a match featuring Paul Bearer hanging above the ring in a small cage
- In his WWF debut, Rocky Maivia, Mark Mero, Barry Windham, & Jake Roberts beat Goldust Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jerry Lawler, & Crush
- Bret Hart pinned Steve Austin
- Flash Funk, Jimmy Snuka, Yokozuna, & Savio Vega fought to a double-DQ with Vader, Faarooq, New Diesel, & New Razor Ramon
- WWF Title: Sid beat Shawn Michaels to win the title

In Your House: It's Time - Auditorium; West Palm Beach, FL 12/15/1996
- Flash Funk beat Leif Cassidy
- Tag Team Title: Champions Owen Hart & The British Bulldog beat The New Diesel & New Razor Ramon
- Intercontinental Title: Marc Mero beat champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley by count out
- Armageddon Match: The Undertaker beat The Executioner
- WWF Title: Champ Sid beat Bret Hart

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