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William Regal


William Regal

William Regal & Katie Lea Burchill

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Darren Matthews was born on May 10, 1968 in Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England. His wife's name is Chris and they have 3 sons (Daniel, Dane, & Bailey). At the age of 16, he started to wrestle on The Golden Mile at Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. That wrestling involved challenging beach goers to survive several rounds with one of the wrestlers. After a few years of this, he became involved in more traditional wrestling circuits in Europe. In 1993, he was signed by WCW.

TV Champ and The Blue Bloods:

Lord Steven Regal was briefly managed by his butler Sir Bill Dundee. He won the TV Title from Ricky Steamboat. After being involved in the TV title picture for almost a year, he started teaming with Paul LeVesque (Triple H). After Triple H left WCW, Steven formed the Blue Bloods with Bobby Eaton.

TV Champ Again:

After being in a tag team for almost a year, in 1996 he began feuding for the TV title again. He beat Lex Luger for the title and later regained it from Ultimo Dragon. His drug addictions started to interfere with his ring performance and he was fired shortly after a televised match with Goldberg in 1998.

The Man’s Man:

In 1998, Regal was signed by the WWF and renamed William Regal. He was given the gimmick of The Man’s Man. His drug addictions started to interfere with his career again and he was forced into rehab. While he was in rehab, he suffered a relapse and was let go. After checking out of rehab, he was rehired by WCW. After a few months, he was let go as part of the cost cutting measure that were going on in WCW at the time.

A Second Chance:

He was rehired by the WWF shortly after but had to wrestle in Memphis for a few months. When he was called back up in 2000 he feuded over the European title and became WWF Commissioner for a good portion of 2001. As a member of the Alliance, he was fired from the WWF after they lost the Invasion but was rehired in a controversial angle that saw him join the Vince McMahon “Kiss My A** Club”.

The UnAmericans:

He started of 2002 with a feud over the Intercontinental Title with Edge. Later in the year, he joined The Unamericans, a group of foreign wrestlers that hated America. That group also consisted of Lance Storm, Christian, and Test. He won the tag team titles with Lance Storm.

Major Health Problems:

In early 2003, he suffered from a major heart ailment. It caused the lower half of his body to retain water and he gained close to 40 pounds. The doctors had to stop his heart and restart it for him to get better. In April 2004, he returned to TV as the manager of Eugene. A few months later, he was able to wrestle again and held the tag team titles with Eugene and Tajiri. In 2007, he was named the General Manager of Monday Night RAW.

The King of the Ring:

On the April 21, 2008 edition of Monday Night RAW, Regal lived up to his last name. By beating Hornswoggle, Finlay, and CM Punk, William Regal was crowned the King of the Ring. A few months later, he won the Intercontinental Championship from Santino Marella.

WCW & WWE Title History:

Intercontinental Championship
1/20/02 Royal Rumble – Edge
11/10/08 RAW - Santino Marella
World Tag Team Championship
1/6/03 – w/Lance Storm beat Booker T & Goldust
1/20/03 – w/Lance Storm beat The Dudleys
11/15/04 – w/Eugene beat Champs Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier, and Tajiri & Rhyno
2/7/05 – w/Tajiri beat Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier
European Championship
10/16/00 – Al Snow
12/4/00 – Crash Holly
3/21/02 – Dallas Page
5/6/02 – Spike Dudley

TV Title
9/19/93 Fall Brawl – Ricky Steamboat
6/23/94 Clash of the Champions – Larry Zbysko
8/20/96 – Lex Luger
5/18/97 Slamboree – Ultimo Dragon

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