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MNM - Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro (John Morrison), and Melina


MNM - Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro (John Morrison), and Melina
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MNM was comprised of Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, & Melina. They started teaming together in late 2004 in the WWE developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. Their SmackDown debut was on April 14, 2005. The next week they became tag team champions. Their gimmick involves being famous superstars that the paparazzi wants to photograph. They even hired publicist Jillian Hall for a brief period before she went to her new client JBL.

Joey Mercury:

Adam Birch was born on July 18, 1979 in Fairfax, VA. He made his pro debut in 1996. In the indies, he was part of a team with Christian York. In 2003, they were in a RAW dark match. From 2002-2004, he was a top indy star. He made a name for himself in Ring of Honor, 3PW, and WWC under the name Joey Matthews. In late 2004, he joined the OVW developmental territory.

Johnny Nitro (John Morrison):

John Hennigan was born on October 3, 1979 in Los Angeles. He got his start in the business winning the third season of Tough Enough with Matt Cappotelli in 2003. They were sent to OVW immediately. He was on the RAW roster for a few months in 2004 as a lackey for Eric Bischoff before losing a match to Eugene which caused him to be fired. He was sent back to OVW where he started to team with Joey Matthews.


Melina Perez was born on March 9, 1979 in Los Angeles. She made her debut in 2001. She joined OVW in 2004 and had a few RAW appearances later in the year in a Diva lingerie contest and in a LIMBO game. In 2004, she became the manager of MNM.

The End of an Era:

After dominating the tag team division of SmackDown for a year, everything fell apart on May 21, 2006 at Judgment Day. After losing the tag team titles, Mercury came to blows with Melina and Nitro. Later in the night, Melina and Nitro were fired by SmackDown GM Teddy Long. Nitro & Melina showed up on RAW a few weeks later. Nitro quickly got involved in the Intercontinental Championship title scene and won the title on two occasions in 2006.

Reunions on Different Shows:

At the end of they year, Nitro and Mercury were each feuding with a Hardy brother on their respective brands. The two men reformed on multiple occasions on three different brands to take on the brothers. At Armageddon, Mercury suffered a gruesome injury to his face when a ladder hit him in the face. A few months later, he was released from WWE.

Melina and Nitro Split by the Draft and the Birth of John Morrison:

At the 2007 WWE Draft, Johnny Nitro was drafted to ECW while Melina stayed on RAW. Within days, Johnny Nitro won the ECW World Championship. A few weeks later, he changed his name to John Morrison and changed his look to pattern that of the late singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison. In 2011, both John and Melina left the WWE.

Title Reigns:

MNM's WWE Tag Team Title Reigns:
4/21/05 - beat Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero to become tag team champs
7/24/05 Great American Bash - lost the tag team titles to Animal & Heidenreich
10/29/05 - won the tag team title in a fatal four way against Champs Animal & Heidenreich, The Mexicools, and William Regal & Paul Burchill
12/16/05 - lost tag team titles to Batista & Rey Mysterio Jr.
12/30/05 - beat Batista & Rey Mysterio
5/21/06 Judgment Day - lost the titles to Brian Kendrick & Paul London

Johnny Nitro's/Morrison's Intercontinental Championship Title Reigns:
6/25/06 Vengeance - beat Champ Shelton Benjamin & Carlito
10/2/06 - lost the title to Jeff Hardy
11/6/06 - beat Jeff Hardy in a No-DQ match
11/13/06 - lost the title to Jeff Hardy
9/4/09 - beat Rey Mysterio
12/13/09 TLC - lost to Drew McIntyre

Johnny Nitro's ECW Championship Title Reign:
6/24/07 Vengeance - beat CM Punk to win the vacant title
9/4/07 - lost the title to CM Punk

John Morrison's WWE Tag Team Championship Title Reign:
11/16/07 - w/The Miz beat Matt Hardy & MVP
7/20/08 Great American Bash - Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder beat Champs The Miz & John Morrison, Finlay & Hornswoggle, and Jesse & Festus

John Morrison's World Tag Team Championship Title Reign:
12/13/08 - w/The Miz beat CM Punk & Kofi Kingston
4/5/09 WM 25 Dark Match - w/The Miz lost to WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo Colon in a Lumberjack Unification Match

Melina's Women's Championship Title Reigns:
2/19/07 - beat Mickie James
4/24/07 - Mickie James beat Melina and Victoria
4/24/07 - beat Mickie James
6/24/07 - lost to Candice Michelle
1/25/09 - beat Beth Phoenix
6/28/09 - lost to Michelle McCool

Melina's Divas Championship Title Reigns:
10/12/09 - beat Jillian
1/4/10 - stripped of the title due to injury
8/15/10 SummerSlam - beat Alicia Fox
9/19/10 - lost to co-Women's Champion Michelle McCool in a Lumberjill Unification Match

(Source: Onlineworldofwrestling.com)

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