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Owen Hart Timeline


Owen Hart Timeline

Owen Hart signs autographs at the Andrews Air Force Base.

USCG photo by Telfair H. Brown, PA1
The following is a timeline for Owen Hart's WWE career. Listed is every PPV match (excluding battle royals in which he was not involved in the ending) and title change that he has been involved in. Bolded items represent title victories while italicized items represent title losses. Please note that at points in his career he was known as the Blue Blazer.

Survivor Series - The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus Beefcake, The Blue Blazer, Sam Houston, & Jim Brunzell beat The Honky Tonk Man, Bad News Brown, Greg Valentine, Ron Bass, & Danny Davis

3/11 Saturday Night’s Main Event – lost to Ted DiBiase
4/2 WrestleMania V – lost to Curt Hennig

1/19 Royal Rumble – w/Jim Neidhart beat The Orient Express
4/5 WrestleMania VIII – beat Skinner
11/25 Survivor Series - w/Koko B. Ware lost to The Headshrinkers

11/24 Survivor Series - Bret, Owen, Keith, & Bruce Hart beat Shawn Michaels (replacing Jerry Lawler) and The Black, Blue & Red Knights

1/22 Royal Rumble - Tag Team Champions The Quebecers beat Owen & Bret Hart when the ref decided that Bret Hart was to injured to continue. After the match, Owen attacked his brother.
3/20 WrestleMania X – beat Bret Hart
6/19 King of the Ring – beat Tatanka
6/19 King of the Ring – beat The Kid
6/19 King of the Ring – beat Razor Ramon to win the tournament
8/29 SummerSlam – lost a Steel Cage Match to WWE Champion Bret Hart

4/2 WrestleMania XI – w/Yokozuna won the World Tag Team Championship from the Smokin’ Gunns
5/14 In Your House 1 – w/Yokozuna beat the Smokin’ Gunns
7/23 In Your House 2 – w/Yokozuna beat Lex Luger & The British Bulldog
9/24 In Your House 3 - Diesel & Shawn Michaels won the Tag Team Titles by beating Yokozuna & Davey Boy Smith (subbing for Owen) by pinning Owen
9/25 RAW - Owen & Yokozuna were awarded the tag team titles because Owen was pinned in a match he did not start
9/25 RAW – w/Yokozuna lost the tag team titles to the Smokin' Gunns
11/19 Survivor Series - Davey Boy Smith, Sid, Ahmed Johnson, & Shawn Michaels beat Razor Ramon, Dean Douglas, Owen Hart & Yokozuna
12/17 In Your House 5 – beat Diesel by DQ

2/18 In Your House 6 – lost to Shawn Michaels
3/31 WrestleMania XII - Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, & Big Van Vader beat Yokozuna, Ahmed Johnson, & Jake Roberts
4/28 IYH: Good Friends Better Enemies - Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith beat Ahmed Johnson & Jake Roberts
7/21 IYH: International Incident - Big Van Vader, Owen Hart, & Davey Boy Smith beat Shawn Michaels, Sid & Ahmed Johnson
8/18 SummerSlam – beat Savio Vega
9/22 IYH: Mind Games - Owen Hart & The British Bulldog won the World Tag Team Championship from The Smokin' Gunns
10/20 IYH: Mind Games - w/The British Bulldog beat The Smokin' Gunns
11/17 Survivor Series - Doug Furnas, Phil Lafon, & The Godwinns beat Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Marty Janetty, & Leif Cassidy
12/15 IYH: It’s Time - w/The British Bulldog beat The New Diesel & New Razor Ramon

2/16 IYH: Final Four - Owen Hart & The British Bulldog lost to Phil Lafon and Doug Furnas by DQ
3/23 WrestleMania 13 - Owen Hart & The British Bulldog fought Mankind & Vader to a double-count out
4/20 IYH: Revenge of the Taker - Owen Hart & The British Bulldog lost to The Road Warriors by DQ
4/28 RAW – won the Intercontinental Championship from The Rock
5/25 RAW - w/Davey Boy Smith lost the tag team titles to Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels
6/8 King of the Ring - Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, & Davey Boy Smith beat The Road Warriors & Sid
7/9 IYH: Canadian Stampede - The Hart Foundation beat Steve Austin, Goldust, Ken Shamrock & The Road Warriors
8/3 SummerSlam – lost the Intercontinental Championship to Steve Austin
9/7 IYH: Ground Zero - Four Way Elimination Match for Vacant Tag Team Title: The Headbangers beat The Road Warriors, The Godwinns, and Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith
10/5 IYH: Bad Blood – beat Faarooq in the tournament final to win the vacant Intercontinental Championship
11/9 Survivor Series – lost the Intercontinental Championship to Steve Austin

1/22 RAW - beat Goldust (dressed as Triple H) to win the European Championship
2/15 No Way Out of Texas - Steve Austin, Mankind, Owen Hart & Chainsaw Charlie beat Triple H Billy Gunn, Jesse James, & Savio Vega
3/16 – lost the European Championship to Triple H
3/29 WrestleMania XIV – lost to European Champion Triple H in a match that featured Sgt. Slaughter & Chyna handcuffed together
4/26 Unforgiven – lost to European Champion Triple H
5/31 Over the Edge - Owen Hart, Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown beat Degeneration X
6/28 King of the Ring – lost to X-Pac
7/26 Fully Loaded - In a match at Stu Hart's famous dungeon: Owen Hart beat Ken Shamrock. Dan Severn served as special guest referee.
8/30 SummerSlam - Lions Den Match: Ken Shamrock beat Owen Hart by submission in a very small cage structure set up outside the ring.
9/27 Break Down – beat Edge
12/13 Rock Bottom – lost to Steve Blackman by count out

1/25 RAW - w/Jeff Jarrett won the tag team titles from the Big Bossman & Ken Shamrock
2/14 St. Valentine’s Day Massacre - Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett beat D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry
3/28 WrestleMania XV - Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett beat D-Lo Brown & Test
3/30 - w/Jeff Jarrett lost the tag team titles to Kane & X-Pac
4/25 Backlash - The New Age Outlaws beat Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett
5/23 Over the Edge - The scheduled match between Intercontinental Champion The Godfather and Owen Hart didn't take place because a fatal accident occurred during Owen Hart’s entrance.

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