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Eddie Guerrero Timeline


Eddie Guerrero Timeline

Eddie Guerrero

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

4/2 WrestleMania 2000 - w/Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko lost to Too Cool & Chyna
4/3 RAW - beat Chris Jericho to win the European Championship
4/30 Backlash - beat Esse Rios
5/21 Judgment Day - beat Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn
6/25 King of the Ring - lost to Val Venis beat Eddie Guerrero
7/23 Fully Loaded - lost the European Championship to Perry Saturn
8/27 SummerSlam - w/Chyna beat Val Venis & Trish Stratus
9/4 RAW - beat Intercontinental Champion Chyna and Kurt Angle to win the title
9/24 Unforgiven -Rikishi by DQ
11/23 SmackDown - lost the Intercontinental Championship to Billy Gunn
12/10 Armageddon - w/Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko beat the Hardy Boyz & Lita

2/25 No Way Out - Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho beat Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero & X-Pac
4/1 WrestleMania X-7 - beat Test to win the European Championship
4/26 SmackDown - lost the European title to Matt Hardy
4/29 Backlash - European Champion Matt Hardy beat Christian & Eddie Guerrero

4/21 Backlash - beat Rob Van Dam to win the Intercontinental Championship
5/19 Judgment Day - Rob Van Dam
5/27 RAW - lost the Intercontinental Championship to Rob Van Dam in a ladder match
6/23 King of the Ring - lost to Ric Flair
7/21 Vengeance - w/ Chris Benoit lost a tables elimination match to Bubba Ray & Spike Dudley
8/25 SummerSlam - lost to Edge
9/22 Unforgiven - beat Edge
11/17 Survivor Series - w/Chavo Guerrero beat Champs Edge & Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
12/15 Armageddon - lost to Chris Benoit

2/6 SmackDown - w/Chavo Guerrero lost the WWE Tag Team Titles to Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
3/30 WrestleMania XIX - WWE Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas beat The Guerreros, and Chris Benoit & Rhyno
4/27 Backlash – w/Chavo Guerrero lost to WWE Tag Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
5/18 Judgment Day - w/Tajiri beat WWE Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas in a ladder match
7/3 SmackDown - w/Tajiri lost the WWE Tag Team Titles to Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas
7/27 Vengeance - U.S. Title Tournament Finals: Eddie Guerrero beat Chris Benoit to become champion
8/24 SummerSlam - beat Chris Benoit, Tajiri & Rhyno
9/18 SmackDown - w/Chavo Guerrero won the WWE Tag Team Championship from Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin
10/19 No Mercy - lost the U.S. Title to the Big Show
10/23 SmackDown - w/Chavo Guerrero lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to Doug & Danny Basham

1/25 Royal Rumble - beat Chavo Guerrero
2/15 No Way Out - won the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar
3/14 WrestleMania XX - beat Kurt Angle
5/16 Judgment Day - lost to JBL by DQ
6/27 Great American Bash - lost the WWE Championship to JBL in a bull rope match
8/15 SummerSlam - lost to Kurt Angle
10/3 No Mercy 2004 - beat Luther Reigns
11/14 Survivor Series - Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, The Big Show & Rob Van Dam beat Kurt Angle, Carlito, Luther Reigns, & Mark Jindrak
12/12 Armageddon - WWE Champion JBL beat the Undertaker, Booker T and Eddie Guerrero in a no-DQ match

2/20 No Way Out - w/Rey Mysterio beat Doug & Danny Basham to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
4/3 WrestleMania 21 - lost to Rey Mysterio
4/21 SmackDown - w/Rey Mysterio lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to MNM
5/22 Judgment Day - lost to Rey Mysterio by DQ
6/12 ECW One Night Stand - lost to Chris Benoit
7/24 Great American Bash - lost to Rey Mysterio
8/21 SummerSlam - lost to Rey Mysterio in a ladder match for the custody of Dominick
10/9 No Mercy - lost to World Heavyweight Champion Batista
11/11 SmackDown – beat Ken Kennedy by DQ in his final match
11/13 – Eddie was scheduled to face World Champion Batista and Randy Orton for the title but tragically passed away earlier that morning

Sources include: Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac, thehistoryofwwe.com, Onlineworldofwrestling.com, and WWE.com.

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