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Shane Douglas Timeline


Shane Douglas Timeline

Shane Douglas Hovers Above Daniels

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The following is a timeline for the UWF, NWA/WCW, WWE and ECW career of the "The Franchise" Shane Douglas. Listed is every PPV match (excluding battle royals in which he was not involved in the ending) and title change that he has been involved in. Bolded items represent title victories while italicized items represent title losses. Please note that the Dynamic Dudes were a tag team he was a part of with Johnny Ace and that while he was in the WWE he was known as Dean Douglas.

8/3 - beat Eddie Gilbert to win the UWF TV Title
9/2 - lost the UWF TV Title to Terry Taylor

5/7 Music City Showdown - The Dynamic Dudes beat The Samoan Swat Team
7/14 Clash of Champions 7 - The Freebirds beat The Dynamic Dudes
7/23 Great American Bash - The Skyscrapers beat The Dynamic Dudes
10/28 Halloween Havoc - NWA Tag Team Champions The Freebirds beat The Dynamic Dudes
11/15 COC 9 - The Midnight Express beat Dynamic Dudes

2/25 Wrestle War - Kevin Sullivan & Buzz Sawyer beat The Dynamic Dudes

10/25 Halloween Havoc - Tom Zenk, Shane Douglas & Johnny Gunn beat Arn Anderson, Michael Hayes & Bobby Eaton
11/18 COC 21 - w/Ricky Steamboat won the NWA & WCW Tag Team Titles from Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham
12/28 Starrcade - w/Ricky Steamboat beat Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes

1/13 COC 22 - w/Ricky Steamboat beat Brian Pillman & Steve Austin by DQ
3/2 - w/Ricky Steamboat lost the tag team titles to Steve Austin & Brian Pillman
5/23 Slamboree - Cage Match WCW Tag Team Titles: Champs Steve Austin & Brian Pillman beat Shane Douglas (actually Tom Zenk under the mask) & Ricky Steamboat
8/8 - won the Eastern Championship Wrestling Championship from Tito Santana via forfeit
10/2 - lost the ECW Title to Sabu

3/26 - Shane Douglas, Mr. Hughes, and Public Enemy beat ECW Champ Terry Funk, Hawk, Kevin Sullivan, and Tazmaniac. As a result Shane won the ECW Title
8/27 - beat Too Cold Scorpio to win the NWA World Championship. He threw the title in the garbage and proclaimed himself the first Extreme Championship Wrestling World Champion. ECW was then renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling.

4/15 - lost the ECW Championship to the Sandman
9/24 In Your House 3 - Dean Douglas beat Razor Ramon
10/22 In Your House 4 - Dean Douglas is awarded the title via forfeit when Shawn Michaels was unable to fight
10/22 In Your House 4 - lost the Intercontinental Championship to Razor Ramon
11/19 Survivor Series - Davey Boy Smith, Sid, Ahmed Johnson, & Shawn Michaels beat Razor Ramon, Dean Douglas, Owen Hart & Yokozuna

5/10 - beat Too Cold Scorpio to win the ECW TV Title
5/31 - lost the ECW TV Title to Pit Bull 2
7/12 - beat TV Champion Chris Jericho, Pitbull 2, and Too Cold Scorpio to win the ECW TV Title

4/13 Barely Legal - beat Pit Bull #2
6/6 - lost the ECW TV Title to Tazz
8/17 Hardcore Heaven - beat ECW World Champion Sabu & Terry Funk to win the title
10/16 - lost the ECW Title to Bam Bam Bigelow
11/30 November to Remember - beat Bam Bam Bigelow to regain the ECW World Championship

3/1 Living Dangerously - w/Chris Candido lost to Lance Storm & Al Snow
5/3 Wrestlepalooza - beat Al Snow
11/1 November to Remember - Taz, Sabu & Rob Van Dam beat Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, & Chris Candido

1/10 Guilty as Charged - lost the ECW World Championship to Taz
3/21 Living Dangerously - w/Tommy Dreamer beat Justin Credible & Lance Storm
8/14 Road Wild - Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, & Perry Saturn beat Curt Hennig, Barry Windham, & Bobby Duncam Jr.
9/12 Fall Brawl - w/Dean Malenko lost to Hugh Morrus & Brian Knobs
12/19 Starrcade - Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, & Asya beat Jim Duggan, Rick Steiner, Kevin Sullivan, & Mike Rotundo

4/17 Spring Stampede - WCW Tag Title Semi-finals: Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell beat Stevie Ray & Booker T
4/17 Spring Stampede - WCW Tag Title Finals: Douglas & Bagwell beat Flair & Luger to win the belts
5/7 Slamboree - beat Ric Flair
5/15 Nitro - w/Buff Bagwell lost the WCW Tag Team Titles to Kronik
6/11 Great American Bash - beat The Wall in a Tables Match
7/9 Bash at the Beach - beat Buff Bagwell
8/13 New Blood Rising - lost to Billy Kidman in a Strap Match
9/17 Fall Brawl - w/Torrie Wilson beat Billy Kidman & Madusa in a Scaffold Match
10/29 Halloween Havoc - w/Torrie Wilson lost to Konnan & Tygress
11/26 Mayhem - beat Ernest Miller
12/17 Starrcade - lost to General Rection by DQ

1/14 SIN - beat General Rection in a First Blood Match to win the U.S. Championship
2/5 Nitro - lost the U.S. Title to Rick Steiner

6/21 Slammiversary - lost to Daniels in a match where he could won Daniels' spot on the roster

Sources used include: Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac, wwe.com, and onlineworldofwrestling

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