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ODB Timeline




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The following is a timeline of the TNA career of ODB. Listed is every TNA PPV match (excluding battle royals in which she was not involved in the ending) and title change that she has been involved in. Bolded items represent title victories while italicized items represent title losses.

11/11 Genesis - Knockouts Champion Gail Kim beat Roxxi LeVeaux, Angel Williams, & ODB
12/12 Turning Point - Angelina Love and Velvet Sky beat ODB and Roxxi Laveaux

2/10 Against All Odds - lost to Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong
3/9 Destination X - Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong beat ODB & Gail Kim
4/13 Lockdown - w/Gail Kim beat Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed in a Cage Match
5/11 Sacrifice - Gail Kim beat ODB, Salinas, Roxxi Laveaux, Traci Brooks, Jacqueline, Rhaka Khan, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, & Christy Hemme in a Knockouts Makeover Match. As a result of this match, Roxxi Laveaux had her head shaved.
6/8 Slammiversary - Gail Kim, Roxxi, & ODB beat Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, & Moose
8/10 Hard Justice - ODB, Gail Kim, & Taylor Wilde beat Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, & Awesome Kong
9/14 No Surrender - lost to Awesome Kong in a Fall Count Anywhere Match
10/12 Bound for Glory - Bimbo Brawl w/Traci Brooks as Special Guest Referee: Rhino, ODB, and Rhaka Khan beat Cute Kip, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky
12/7 Final Resolution - ODB, Roxxi, & Taylor Wilde beat Sharmell and The Beautiful People

1/11 Genesis - ODB, Roxxi, & Taylor Wilde beat Raisha Saeed, Rhaka Khan, & Sojournor Bolt
2/8 Against All Odds - lost to Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong
4/19 Lockdown - beat Madison Rayne, Sojourner Bolt, & Daffney in a Queen of the Cage Match
8/16 Hard Justice - Cody Deaner & ODB beat Knockouts Champion Angelina Love & Velvet Sky. As a result, ODB won the title. The title was later declared vacant when Cody Deaner laid claim to the belt since he got the winning pin fall.
9/20 No Surrender - beat Cody Deaner to won the vacant Knockout Championship
12/20 Final Resolution - lost the Knockouts Championship to Tara

1/4 iMPACT! - won the TNA Knockouts CHampionship from Tara
1/17 Genesis - lost the title to Tara in a Best-of-3-Falls Match

3/8 IMPACT WRESTLING - w/Eric Young won the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship from Gail Kim & Madison Rayne
4/15 Lockdown - w/Eric Young beat Rosita & Sarita in a Cage Match
11/11 Turning Point - w/Eric Young beat Tara & Jesse

1/13 Genesis - Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim, ODB, Mickie James & Miss Tessmacher in a #1 Contender's Gauntlet Match
6/20 IMPACT WRESTLING - ODB & Eric Young were stripped of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
8/15 Hardcore Justice - beat Mickie James & Gail Kim in a Hardcore Match
8/22 Hardcore Justice - lost to Gail Kim
9/19 IMPACT WRESTLING - won the Knockouts Championship from Mickie James
10/20 Bound for Glory - Gail Kim beat Knockouts Champion ODB & Brooke Tessmacher to win the title
12/19 Final Reolution - w/Madison Rayne beat Gail Kim & Lei'D Tapa


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