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Mick Foley


Mick Foley

Mick Foley

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Mick Foley was born on June 7, 1965, in Long Island, NY. As a teenager, he made a tape of himself as a wrestler named Dude Love and filmed himself jumping off a house onto his opponent. He was trained by Dominic DeNucci and made his debt in 1986. No longer a full-time active wrestler, he keeps himself occupied by writing and has two New York Times Best Sellers on his resume.

The Beginning:

One of his first matches was a televised WWF squash match against the British Bulldogs. He gained notoriety in the Texas based USWA as Cactus Jack Manson before joining WCW. His first WCW tenure highlight was a PPV title shot against Sting at Beach Blast 92.

King of the Death Match:

Cactus Jack spent a portion of the early '90s in Japan. It was in Japan where he won a King of the Death Match tournament in matches featuring barbed wire, a bed of nails, exploding barbed wire, and a ring set to detonate with C4 explosives. While in Japan, he got his arm badly scarred by Leatherface.

WCW Part 2:

Cactus returned to WCW and found himself in a feud with Vader. This feud featured him get a concussion and lose his ear in a freak accident. While in WCW, he also appeared in ECW. When he left WCW he joined ECW. His anti-hardcore ECW promos are considered the best promos in the history of the business. While in ECW his two most famous incidents involved accidentally setting a fan on fire and having hundreds of chairs thrown in the ring by the fans.

The Three Faces of Foley:

Foley joined the WWE in 1996 and was renamed Mankind. He immediately started a feud with the Undertaker. In 1997, they showed his teenage Dude Love footage and he started to wrestle as Dude Love. Later in the year, during a feud with Triple H, he became Cactus Jack again. At the 1998 King of the Ring, he fought the Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell match featuring two of the most famous bumps ever.

The Champ:

On the December 29, 1998, edition of Monday Night RAW, Mankind won his first world title. He would trade the title with the Rock several times. In the last half of 99, he formed the Rock & Sock Connection with the Rock. He also released Have a Nice Day, which was a NY Times #1 Best Seller. In 2000, he stopped being a full-time active competitor.

The Many Returns:

While Foley stopped competing full time, he was never gone for long. For a brief period, he was commissioner of the WWE. He comes back to the ring at around the time he has a new book to promote. Even though no longer active full-time, his occasional matches are just as barbaric as when he was wrestling full-time.

Announcer and TNA:

Mick spent a good part of 2008 as a commentator for SmackDown. He left the WWE and joined TNA later that year. He was given the role of an executive shareholder in the company and came out of retirement to battle the Main Event Mafia in their feud against the TNA Frontline. At LockDown 2009, Mick beat Sting in a cage match to capture the TNA Championship.

WCW, ECW, WWE, & TNA Title Victory History:

World Championship
4/19/09 Lockdown – beat Sting in a cage match

Legends Championship
7/1/09 iMPACT! – w/ Lashley beat Champion Kevin Nash & Kurt Angle

Tag Team Title
5/22/94 Slamboree – with Kevin Sullivan beat The Nasty Boys

Tag Team Title
8/27/94 – with Mikey Whipwreck beat The Public Enemy
12/29/95 – Mikey Whipwreck beat 2 Cold Scorpio to win the title

WWE Championship
12/29/98 – The Rock
1/26/99 Halftime Heat – The Rock
8/22/99 SummerSlam – Beat Steve Austin & Triple H

Hardcore Title
11/2/98 – awarded the new title from Vince McMahon due to his loyalty to Vince

World Tag Team Title
7/14/97 – Dude Love & Steve Austin beat Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith
3/29/98 WrestleMania 14 – Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie beat The New Age Outlaws
7/13/98 – Mankind & Kane beat The New Age Outlaws
8/10/98 – Mankind & Kane beat Steve Austin & The Undertaker
8/30/99 – Mankind & The Rock beat The Undertaker & The Big Show
9/20/99 - Mankind & The Rock beat The Undertaker & The Big Show
10/12/99 – Mankind & The Rock beat The New Age Outlaws
11/2/99 – Mankind & Al Snow beat Bob & Crash Holly

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