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Profile of Former WWF & WCW Tag Team Champs The Nasty Boys


Profile of Former WWF & WCW Tag Team Champs The Nasty Boys

Brian Knobbs

Brian Bahr/Getty Images


The Nasty Boys were made up of Brian Knobbs (Brian Yandrisovitz) and Jerry Saggs (Jerome Sagonovich). Both men were born in the mid-'60s, grew up in Allentown, PA, and made their wrestling debuts in 1985. They started teaming together in 1986. As their name implies, they were nasty and one of their favorite maneuvers was called The Pit Stop. They would take the face of their opponent and rub it into their armpits.

The '80s:

The Nasty Boys were a top tag team wherever they went. For the first few years of their careers they wrestled in the AWA, Tennessee and Florida territories. In 1990, they wrestled for WCW where they feuded with the Steiner Brothers. A year later, they made their debut in the WWE.

The WWE:

While in the WWE, they were managed by Jimmy Hart. Within a few months, they beat the Hart Foundation for the tag team championship. They lost the belts a few months later to the Legion of Doom. The next year their manager Jimmy Hart turned on them and they were briefly fan favorites. They left the WWE in early 1993.


In their return to WCW, they became known for a new hardcore style that was not seen before. Their matches featured weapons and a stiff fighting style that bordered on legitimately hurting their opponents. This style of wrestling would help ECW become a national company. Their tag team feud involving Cactus Jack was revolutionary and the matches are still talked about to this day. They became 3 time tag team champions in WCW.

Saggs Forced to Retire:

In 1996, Saggs was forced to retire due to a neck injury. A few years later, Knobbs would return to WCW as solo wrestler and won the hardcore title on three occasions. In 2001, the team would reunite in the short lived XWF promotion. Both men retired from the ring after the promotion folded. Brian Knobbs is still in the public eye due to his friendship with Hulk Hogan and the supporting role he has on Hogan Knows Best.

The Nasty Boys & Brian Knobbs WCW & WWF Title History:

World Tag Team Championship
3/24/91 WrestleMania VII – beat The Hart Foundation
8/26/91 SummerSlam – lost to The Legion of Doom

WCW Tag Team Championship
9/19/93 Fall Brawl – beat Arn Anderson & Paul Roma
10/4/93 – lost to Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio
10/24/93 Halloween Havoc – beat Marcus Bagwell & Too Cold Scorpio
5/22/94 Slamboree – lost to Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan
5/21/95 Slamboree – beat Harlem Heat
6/24/95 – lost to Harlem Heat
Hardcore Title (Knobbs Only)
1/12/00 – beat Norman Smiley
2/7/00 – lost to Bam Bam Bigelow
2/20/00 SuperBrawl – beat Bam Bam Bigelow
2/28/00 – lost to 3 Count
3/19/00 Uncensored – beat 3 Count
4/10/00 – all titles declared vacant by WCW

Sources Include: Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac and Onlineworldofwrestling.com

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