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Jesse Ventura


Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura

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James George Janos was born on July 15, 1951, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He became a Navy Seal. When he left the Navy, he was trained by Eddie Sharkey and made his debut in 1975. He named himself Jesse Ventura after the Ventura Highway in California. His wrestling career highlight was winning the AWA Tag Team titles with Adrian Adonis.

The End of One Career and the Beginning of Another:

Just as Jesse Ventura was about to start a feud with Hulk Hogan for the WWE title in 1984, he had to retire from the ring due to blood clots that he claims are due to his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. He did wrestle a few times after this but never bled in the ring due to the blood thinners he was on. He became a full time announcer.

The Announcer and Actor:

Jesse was known for "telling it like it is". He was the first successful heel announcer and he would do PPV events with Gorilla Monsoon, weekly TV with Vince McMahon and Bruno Sammartino, and Saturday Night's Main Event with Vince McMahon. His entertaining commentary drew the attention of Hollywood.

Arnold's Friend:

He began his movie career starring in two Schwarzenegger films, Predator and The Running Man. He left WWE in 1990 and became an announcer for WCW in the early '90s. He filmed a TV pilot with Roddy Piper called Tag Team that aired once on ABC. He also starred in a syndicated show called The Grudge Match.

Fighting the System:

Jesse Ventura sued the WWE for royalties on the videotapes his voice was on. Jesse won the suit and on many WWE releases his voice is deleted from the commentary. His next victims were the city council members of Brooklyn Park, MN. He ran for mayor of the town because he hated the city council and won.

Governor Ventura:

Jesse was a sports radio commentator and also did announcing for Tampa Bay Buccaneer games. In 1998, he ran for governor of Minnesota. He ran on the Reform Party ticket and shocked the world by winning the election. He received much criticism for refereeing a match and being a commentator for the XFL while being governor.

Jesse "The Mind" Ventura:

After retiring from politics in 2002 (he didn't seek re-election), he had a TV talk show and taught a class at Harvard University. Whatever Jesse decides to do next, you can be sure that both controversy and success will follow.

Source: I Ain't Got Time to Bleed by Jesse Ventura

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