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Sunny Biography


Sunny Biography


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Intro & Smoky Mountain Wrestling:

Tammy Lynn Sytch was born on December 7, 1972 in Freeport, New Jersey. Her high school boyfriend, Chris Candido, became a professional wrestler and she followed him into the sport. In 1993, she first came to the attention of the wrestling public during her stint in Smoky Mountain Wrestling as Tammy Lynn Fytch. She was the hated manager of Brian Lee and Chris Candido.

The Bodydonnas:

In 1994, she joined the WWE. Originally, she was billed as Tamara Murphy. She hosted segments designed to promote local live events during syndicated WWE programming. That gimmick didn't last long and a few months later she was renamed Sunny. She joined up with Chris Candido, now named Skip, and they were known as the Bodydonnas. The gimmick of the group was that they were fitness fanatics and they would make fun of the crowd for being in poor shape.

Most Downloaded Woman on AOL:

By 1996, the Bodydonnas added Zip (Tom Pritchard) to the group and entered the tag team division. She eventually left the group and managed an assortment of wrestlers including the Smokin' Gunns, the Legion of Doom, and Faarooq. Her popularity soared and she became the most downloaded person on AOL.

Personal Demons:

By 1998, Sable had essentially replaced Sunny as the sex symbol in the WWE. Sunny was let go of by the company due to some behind the scenes issues. She went to ECW, where Chris was wrestling, and admitted in a televised interview that she had some problems with drugs. In 1999, Chris and Sunny left ECW under a cloud of suspicion due to her alleged past prescription drug abuse. She then went on to appear in WCW but left several months later.

Wrestling Vixxxens:

In 2001, Sunny and Missy Hyatt created a website that featured them and other female wrestling personalities naked. A few soft-core DVDs hit store shelves before Sunny and Missy left the site due to a dispute with a business partner. Missy decided to continue on with this venture under a different website name but Sunny didn't continue in the world of soft-core porno.

Chris Candido 1972 - 2005:

At the April 24, 2005 PPV Lockdown, Chris Candido broke his ankle in a match. The next day he underwent surgery. The day after that, he helped the Naturals win the titles. On Thursday the 28th, Chris Candido lost his life from a blood clot due to surgery complications. The next day, the title victory aired on TV with the telecast ending with Candido holding the titles followed by a graphic notifying the fans of his death.

Where is She Now?:

After the death of Chris, Sunny continued to make appearances in different independent wrestling organizations and at different wrestling conventions. At many of these events, she would get fans to donate money to funds created in the memory of Chris Candido. She also had gained a significant amount of weight. However, she won the battle of the bulge and delighted fans when she appeared at the 15th anniversary RAW special that was held in 2007. In 2011, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The following year, she was arrested five times in a little over a month due to allegations stemming from a domestic violence issue and allegedly violating an order of protection on four different occasions.

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