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Profile of the new World order


Profile of the new World order

Hulk and Dennis Rodman beat up Karl Malone

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The Outsiders Invade WCW:

Razor Ramon and Diesel were two of the top stars in the WWE. In 1996, they left the company and joined World Championship Wrestling. The two men entered WCW under their birth names, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, respectively, and vowed to destroy the company. Named the Outsiders they challenged the best that WCW had to a six-man tag team match at Bash at the Beach '96. While they refused to name their partner in advance, their challenge was answered by Sting, Lex Luger, and Randy Savage.

The NWO is Formed:

During the match, Lex Luger was injured. Hulk Hogan came out and the crowd thought that he was going to help WCW. In one of the biggest surprises ever, Hulk turned on Randy Savage and revealed that he was the partner of the Outsiders. As the ring filled up with garbage, Hulk announced the formation of the new World order and changed his name to Hollywood Hogan. He then told the Hulkamaniacs to go "stick it".

The NWO Dominates and Grows:

The NWO quickly dominated the WCW and frequently ruined the television shows by interrupting the program and beating up whichever wrestlers they felt like. They hatched a plan to make the fans think that Sting joined the group. When the imposter was revealed, Sting was still angry at his friends and went into seclusion for a year. While he hung out in the rafters, the nWo added many members and even started a Japanese contingent that wrestled in the New Japan wrestling promotion.

nWo Wolfpac vs. nWo Hollywood:

1997 ended with Sting returning to the ring and beating Hulk for the title. In the early part of 1998, tensions between Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash led to the split of the group. The Wolfpac (red & black) was led by Nash while Hogan led the Hollywood branch (black & white) of the group. 1998 began with Kevin Nash holding the WCW Championship. Hollywood demanded a match against his former friend. That match, the infamous "finger poke of doom", started and ended with Hogan winning the belt when Nash went down by a finger poke.

Reunion and B-Team:

Hulk donned the colors of the red and black and the group was known as the nWo Elite. The wrestlers still wearing the black and white were the mid-card wrestlers and their group was referred to as the B-Team. By the middle of the year, the whole concept of the nWo fizzled out amid multiple problems within the company. In 2000, with Vince Russo as the new man in charge of the company, the nWo 2000 was formed with Bret Hart as the leader. However, weeks into the new angle, Bret's career ended and the concept was scrapped as well as Russo's run at the top of the company.

A Lethal Injection:

WCW was purchased by the WWE in 2001. In 2002, Vince McMahon brought the original members back into the WWE to destroy the company he created because of a storyline where Ric Flair owned half of the company. The WWE version of the nWo fizzled out quickly for several reasons. WWE fans didn't want to boo Hogan and forced the WWE to make him a good guy because of their reactions when he battled the Rock. Kevin Nash suffered a leg injury and Scott Hall fell into a relapse in his continuing battle against his demons.

The Legacy of the nWo:

The group is widely credited for revitalizing the wrestling industry in the '90s and for several years, they made WCW the biggest wrestling organization in the world. However, while the storyline started with a bang there was never an ending to it and the group and the company died with a fizzle. Through the years, the multiple versions of the nWo had over 50 wrestlers in their ranks.
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