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Profile of Michelle McCool


Profile of Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool

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Michelle Leigh McCool was born on January 25, 1980 in Palatka, Florida. Prior to entering the world of professional wrestling, she was a school teacher. In 2010, she married The Undertaker.

2004 Diva Search Contest:

Michelle McCool made her WWE debut as part of the first WWE Diva Search. Despite not winning the contest, which was won by Christy Hemme, Michelle was signed to a contract. Her first few months in the WWE saw her mostly compete in beauty contests. She was then sent to the WWE Developmental territories, Deep South Wrestling and Ohio Valley Wrestling, to learn more about the business.

Teacher's Pets:

Michelle McCool returned to SmackDown in June of 2006. Her heel gimmick at the time was being a "hot teacher". She was the valet for the team of KC James and Idol Stevens. The team, nicknamed the Teacher's Pets, feuded with WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick for several months but were never able to capture the titles. That Thanksgiving, Michelle was hospitalized with an enlarged kidney and electrolyte imbalance.

Lovin' Life:

By the time she returned to SmackDown in March of 2007, Idols and Stevens had been sent down to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Her new gimmick was being an All-American Girl. She took part in a series of vignettes where she talked about loving life. She eventually became involved in a feud between Chuck Palumbo and Jamie Noble that saw her friend Chuck turn on her.

Making History:

In 2008, Michelle McCool became the first-ever Divas Champion when she beat Natalya. She lost the title a few months later to Maryse and underwent an attitude change. The following year, she won the Women's Championship from Melina. By winning that title, she became the first woman in WWE history to have held both the Women's and Divas Championship belts.


Michelle McCool joined forces with Layla in the fall of 2009. Lay-Cool claimed to be "Simply Flawless". Together, the two women dominated the Diva scene on SmackDown. The first victim of their wrath was Mickie James, who they mockingly referred to as "Piggie" James. After winning the Women's Championship in a Handicap Match against Beth Phoenix, the two friends declared themselves co-champions. A prolonged losing streak led to a fracture in the friendship between the women. After couples therapy failed, things became physical between the two. At Extreme Rules 2011, Michelle lost to Layla and as a result had to leave the WWE.

Michelle McCool's Championship Victory History:

Divas Championship
7/20/08 Great American Bash - beat Natalya Neidhart to become the first Divas Champion

Women's Championship
6/28/09 The Bash - beat Melina
2/26/10 SmackDown - beat Mickie James in a match where Vickie Guerrero was the referee
5/14/10 SmackDown - Layla won the title in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match featuring Layla and Michelle McCool battle Beth Phoenix. Michelle and Layla would go on to proclaim themselves the co-Women's Champions.

Unified Divas Championship
9/19/10 Night of Champions - as co-Women's Champion beat Divas Champion Melina in a Lumberjill Unification Match to become the first unified champion along with Layla.

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