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Everything you ever wanted to know about Jesse "The Body" Ventura


Everything you ever wanted to know about Jesse

Jesse Ventura promotional photo for 'Conspiracy Theory'

Jeremy Freeman/truTV
This section of the website will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life and career of Jesse Ventura.

Profile of Jesse Ventura
Jesse went from fighting and commentating in wrestling arenas to becoming a huge success in the political arena.

Wrestlers That Have Become Politicians
Jesse wasn't the first pro wrestler to enter the world of politics. Here are a few other famous cases of transitions from the world of wrestling to politics.

Interview With Jesse Ventura (2009)
Jesse and I had a long conversation that delved into many topics ranging from why he is edited off of some WWE DVDs to more important things like 9/11.

Interview With Jesse Ventura (2010)
Jesse and I spoke about his new book American Conspiracies and he revealed an absolutely shocking statistic about Hulk Hogan and WrestleMania III

Jesse Photo Gallery
This gallery features Jesse with a strange mix of people including Charles Barkley and Fidel Castro.

Review of Don't Start the Revolution Without Me
The things Jesse dealt with in his political career seem more unbelievable than any of the action he called in the ring. Unfortunately for us, these stories are real.

Review of American Conspiracies
Jessie takes a look at some of the most shocking cover ups in American history.

The 10 Most Famous Wrestlers
Where does Jesse rank in my list of the wrestling personalities that non-wrestling fans know?

The 10 Best Movies to Feature a Wrestler
Jesse makes this list in a movie that stared two future Governors.

The 10 Worst Movies to Feature a Wrestler
If Abraxas really was a guardian of the universe then he would have made sure that no human ever saw this movie.

Review of Woodshop
Jesse stars as a high school wood shop teacher in charge of detention.

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