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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Hart Foundation


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Hart Foundation

Bret Hart

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This section of the website will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the lives and careers of the Hart Foundation.

Profile of the Hart Foundation
The Hart Foundation is one of the most famous groups in wrestling history and almost all of the members are related. The group went through several phases and this profile details them all.
Who's Who in the Hart Family?
The Hart family is one of the most important in the history of the wrestling business. This should help you sort out how the members of this third-generation wrestling dynasty are all related.
Review of Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology
This 3-disc DVD set features a documentary about the family as well as 12 matches that feature at least two members of the family.

Bret Hart
Profile of Bret Hart: Bret Hart was one of 12 children that Stu and Helen Hart had. All of the boys went into the wrestling business and all of the girls married someone in the business.
Timeline of Bret Hart: Follow Bret's career from tag team specialist to multiple time WWE and WCW Champion.
Bret Hart Interview: Bret spoke to me about a variety of topics including the Hart family, the wrestling business today, and the need for a wrestling union.
Longest Reigning WWE Champions: Where does Bret rank on the list of longest reigning WWE Champions?
Bret's Feud with Shawn Michaels: Their real-life rivalry culminated with the "Montreal Screwjob", the most controversial match ever.
Review of Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart: For some reason, the WWE didn't put the Montreal Screwjob on this DVD release.
Review of Bret Hart's DVD: Did Bret's DVD live up to the title name of The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be?
Review of Bret Hart's Autobiography: While some may argue about the DVD living up to that title, there can be no such argument about this book.
Review of Wrestling With Shadows: A camera crew follows Bret Hart as the saga of the Montreal Screwjob unfolds.

Owen Hart
Profile of Owen Hart: Unfortunately, Owen is most remembered for his tragic death rather than his excellent career.
Timeline of Owen Hart: Who were Owen's three different tag team championship partners?

Jim Neidhart
Timeline of Jim Neidhart: Jim Neidhart never wrestled on a WCW or WWE PPV in a singles match.

Davey Boy Smith
Timeline of Davey Boy Smith (aka the British Bulldog): Davey had three different stints in the WWE which were buffered by two WCW stints.

Brian Pillman
Timeline of Brian Pillman: In addition to being a part of the Hart Foundation, he was also a member of the Four Horsemen. However, he is more famous for being a tag team champion with Steve Austin.

Jimmy Hart
Profile of Jimmy Hart: Jimmy conquered the music charts before entering the world of professional wrestling.
Interview With Jimmy Hart: I spoke to Jimmy about his career a few days before he appeared on the ABC program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Natalya Neidhart
Timeline of Natalya Neidhart: Unlike her father, Natalya has had singles success in the WWE and is a former Divas Champion.

Tyson Kidd
Timeline of Tyson Kidd: He has been a friend of the family since he was a child and won WWE tag team gold with DH Smith, the son of Davey Boy Smith.

Buy Hart Foundation Merchandise
Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling by Bret Hart: This is the greatest book about wrestling ever written.
Bret Hart DVD: This 3-disc DVD features an incredible profile and matches picked by Bret Hart.
Wrestling With Shadows DVD: This 2-disc set commemorates the tenth anniversary of the movie and also features the documentary The Life & Death of Owen Hart.
Brian Pillman DVD: Brian's 2-disc DVD features a biography and several matches.
Broken Harts by Martha Hart: Owen's widow wrote this book about her life with Owen and the aftermath of his death.

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