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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About "Diamond" Dallas Page


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About

Dallas Page and Karl Malone

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
This section of the website will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life and career of "Diamond" Dallas Page.

Profile of the "Diamond" Dallas Page
DDP had a career path that was the reverse of a normal wrestling career, he started off as a successful manager and then transitioned into becoming a wrestler.

Timeline of Dallas Page
During his career, he had three famous celebrity partners in Jay Leno, Karl Malone, and David Arquette.

Dallas Page Interview
DDP walked me through the night where he lost the WCW World Championship to his tag team partner, David Arquette.

Ready to Rumble Photo Gallery
While DDP isn't in any of these photos, he will always be linked to the promotion of the film.

Randy Savage's Five Greatest Feuds
Where does DDP's feud with Randy rank on my list?

Dallas Page vs. Jay-Z
DDP eventually settled out of court with Jay-Z over the used of his copyrighted hand gesture.

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