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WrestleMania XX


WrestleMania XX

Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania XX Press Conference

Peter Kramer/Getty Images


WrestleMania XX took place on March 14, 2004, at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This is the third time that the event was held at MSG. The very memorable ending featured long time friends Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero celebrate in the ring as the two top men in the sport. In addition, the family of Chris Benoit joined in the celebration. Sadly, that great moment is now more known as being a part of the news footage continually shown during the Benoit family murder media circus.

WWE Title:

At WrestleMania XX, Eddie Guerrero defended the WWE Championship against Kurt Angle. Eddie won the WWE championship a month earlier from Brock Lesnar and this was his first PPV defense of the belt. Eddie lived up to his "lie, cheat, and steal" motto to keep the belt. By untying his shoelaces, he caused a big enough distraction to keep the belt from a stunned Kurt Angle.

World Heavyweight Championship:

Triple H defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit. Chris won the Royal Rumble to earn this title shot. Shawn got involved in the match by signing Benoit's contract after he sneak attacked him. In a major upset, Benoit made Triple H tap out to the crippler cross face.

A Dream Match Turns Into a Nightmare:

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar was supposed to be a dream match. Prior to the match, fans knew that Goldberg’s 1 year contract was set to expire and he wasn’t coming back. The shock was that news came out that Lesnar was going to leave the WWE for the Minnesota Vikings. The fans were vicious to both men in the ring and the mood wasn’t helped by a boring match. Steve Austin was the special ref and was cheered after he gave the stunner to both men.

The Return of the Rock-n-Sock Connection:

One of the matches featured the reunion of a storied tag team from the past. Mick Foley was having problems with Evolution and called on his good friend The Rock to help him. Even though they lost, the match is significant for two reasons. This was Foley’s first match since losing at WrestleMania 2000. As of 2007, this also turned out to be the Rock’s final match.

The Aftermath:

Neither Benoit or Guerrero had memorable title reigns. Eddie lost the title a few months later to JBL while Chris Benoit’s matches seemed to be in the backdrop of Triple H’s feuds with Shawn Michaels and Eugene. Benoit lost the title a few months later to Randy Orton who promptly lost it to Triple H.

Random Facts:

- Torrie Wilson and Sable had just appeared on the cover of Playboy together. This is the first of the yearly WrestleMania Playboy-related fights.
- MSG became the first venue to host WrestleMania for a third time.
- This marked the first time that Shawn Michaels has been in the final match since fighting through his career halting injury at WrestleMania XIV.

Match Results:

- U.S. Title: John Cena beat The Big Show to win the title
- World Tag Team Title: Champions Rob Van Dam & Booker T beat Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade, The Dudley Boys, and Rene Dupree & Rob Conway
- Christian beat Chris Jericho
- Handicap Match: Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Batista beat The Rock & Mick Foley. This was Foley's first match in 4 years.
- Playboy Evening Gown Match: Playboy cover girls Sable & Torrie Wilson beat Stacy Keibler & Jackie Gayda
- Cruiserweight Title: Champ Chavo Guerrero beat Nunzio, Shannon Moore, Funaki, Ultimo Dragon, Rey Mysterio Jr., Tajiri, Akio, Billy Kidman & Jamie Knoble
- Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar. Steve Austin was the referee.
- WWE Tag Team Title: Champs Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty beat The APA, The Bashams, and The World's Greatest Tag Team
- Women's Title: Champ Victoria beat Molly Holly. As a result, Molly lost her hair.
- WWE Title: Champ Eddie Guerrero beat Kurt Angle
- The Undertaker beat Kane
- World Heavyweight Title: Chris Benoit beat champ Triple H & Shawn Michaels to win the title
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