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Behind the Curtain


This section of the site delves into what happens outside of the ring and reveals some of the tricks that are used to add drama to what happens inside of the ring.
  1. What's Real & What's Fake
  2. How to Become a Pro Wrestler
  3. The History of Wrestling Organizations
  1. Interviews With Famous Wrestlers (A-K)
  2. Interviews With Famous Wrestlers (J-Z)
  3. The Dark Side of Wrestling

What's Real & What's Fake

The blood in wrestling is not ketchup.

There are a variety of tools used to create the drama and action that you see inside of the ring. Sometimes the writers come up with fake injuries and relationships to add drama to a situation while sometimes these relationships and injuries are real.

How to Become a Pro Wrestler

The path to becoming a WWE star is not easy. It is craft that you need to learn in a wrestling school and then spend many years perfecting in order to make it to the top level in the business.

The History of Wrestling Organizations

Sometimes the battles fought outside of the ring are more bizarre than what actually happens inside of the ring.

Interviews With Famous Wrestlers (A-K)

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with many wrestlers. These interviews feature the wrestlers breaking character and explaining what really goes on in the world of wrestling.

Interviews With Famous Wrestlers (J-Z)

This is a continuation of the list from the previous section.

The Dark Side of Wrestling

Eddie Guerrero 1967 - 2005

While wrestling may appear to be all about fun and games, there is a dark cloud hanging over the industry in the wake of the Chris Benoit double-murder suicide.

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