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The Pro Wrestling Injury Report


The Pro Wrestling Injury Report

Kurt Angle thanks injured servicemembers recovering at Walter Reed.

Photo by Journalist 1st Class Kristin Fitzsimmons

Despite being called fake, wrestling is very dangerous and sometimes the wrestlers suffer severe injuries. Sometimes they happen in a match and are reported accurately. Sometimes the wrestler enters a match knowing they will be taking some time off for an injury and the writers will come up with an angle where it appears that the wrestler suffered an injury at the hands of an opponent to create an angle for when the wrestler returns. Other times, there is no legitimate injury. A fake injury is created to develop a feud. This list will take a look at which wrestlers are currently sitting on the sidelines due to an injury and will reveal both the real reason and the storyline reason that the wrestler is not in the ring.

Since this site is non-spoiler, I will not be listing any injuries that occurred at a pre-taped event until either the show airs or if the promotion lets the story out on their website prior to airing the program. This policy will also hold true for returns to the ring. If the return is a non-publicized surprise during a pre-taped event, I will not mention the return until the program airs.

WWE Superstars on the D.L.

CM Punk - CM Punk's last appearance on television was at The Royal Rumble.  He hasn't been seen since due to an unpublicized reason which saw him leave the arena before the taping of RAW the following night.  Rumors abound to whether his disappearance is a shoot or a work.  His name is still listed on the roster page of WWE.com.

Evan Bourne - In March of 2012, Evan tweeted that he had an accident that resulted in him breaking his right foot in four places and dislocating it in five. He has recently gotten back into the ring in WWE's NXT developmental territory. There is no announced timetable for his return to WWE television.

Ezekiel Jackson - In January, Ezekiel underwent surgery for two hernias.  There is no announced timetable for his return.

Naomi - During a match against Aksana in January, Naomi suffered a fracture of the orbital bone.  There is no announced timetable for her return.


TNA Wrestlers on the D.L.

Kurt Angle - Kurt's knee was recently injured by Ethan Carter III during a recent edition of IMPACT WRESTLING.  The injury is legitimate, however the way he got it is part of a storyline and there is no timetable for his return.


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