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Wrestling Relatives - Which Wrestlers Are Really Related?


Brooke Hogan and her father wrestler Hulk Hogan

Brooke Hogan and her father wrestler Hulk Hogan

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
In wrestling history, one of the oldest tricks has been to name a wrestler after another famous wrestler and claim that they are related to get the fans excited for the newcomer. As time has passed, several wrestlers have passed their legacy onto their children. This article will take a look at the current RAW, SmackDown, TNA, Ring of Honor, and Florida Championship Wrestling rosters as well as the members of the WWE Hall of Fame. I will detail which family members that appeared on national TV angles are really related as well as report on several rumors that have picked up steam over time.

Current RAW Roster

  • Alberto Del Rio: son of Dos Caras, brother of Memo Montenegro, nephew of Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico
  • Bo Dallas: son of IRS, brother of Husky Harris, nephew of Barry & Kendall Windham, greandosn of Blackjack Mulligan
  • Brock Lesnar: husband of Sable
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: grandson of Peter Maivia, son of Rocky Johnson
  • Epico: nephew of Carlos Colon, cousin of Carlito and Primo
  • Jerry Lawler: father of Brian Christopher, cousin of the Honky Tonk Man & Carl Fergie, ex-husband of the Kat
  • John Laurinaitis: brother of Road Warrior Animal
  • Kane: not related to either the Undertaker or Paul Bearer
  • Mike McGillicutty: son of Curt Hennig, grandson of Larry Hennig
  • Primo: son of Carlos Colon, brother of Carlito, cousin of Epico
  • Rey Mysterio: nephew of Rey Misterio, father of Dominick
  • Triple H: husband of Stephanie McMahon
  • Vickie Guerrero: widow of Eddie Guerrero, daughter of Raquel Diaz, aunt of Chavo Guerrero
  • Vincent Kennedy McMahon: grandson of Jess McMahon, son of Vince McMahon, husband of Linda McMahon, father of Shane & Stephanie McMahon, father-in-law of Triple H & Marissa Mazzola

Current SmackDown Roster

  • Alicia Fox: sister of former Tough Enough contestant Christina
  • Booker T: brother of Stevie Ray, husband of Sharmell
  • Camacho: son of Haku
  • Christian: not related to Edge
  • Cody Rhodes: son of Dusty Rhodes, brother of Dustin Rhodes
  • Dolph Ziggler: bother of Briley Pierce
  • Drew McIntyre: ex-husband of Taryn Terrell
  • Great Khali & Ranjin Singh: they are not brothers and Jinder Mahal isn't their brother-in-law
  • Hornswoggle: not the son of either Finlay or Vince McMahon
  • Jimmy & Jey Uso: these brothers are the sons of Rikishi
  • Jinder Mahal: not related to the Great Khali or Ranjin Singh
  • Natalya: daughter of Jim Neidhart, granddaughter of Stu Hart, part of the Hart wrestling dynasty
  • Randy Orton: son of Bob Orton Jr., grandson of Bob Orton Sr.
  • Roman Reigns: son of Sika and brother of Rosey
  • Sin Cara: son Dr. Karontes, nephew of Tony Salazar, brother of Astro Boy, Astro Boy II, and Argenis
  • Tamina: daughter of Jimmy Snuka, sister of Sim Snuka
  • Ted DiBiase: brother of Brett DiBiase, son of Ted DiBiase, and the grandson of Mike DiBiase and Helen Hild
  • Undertaker: husband of Michelle McCool, ex-husband of Sara, not related to Kane

Current TNA Roster

  • Abyss: not related to James Mitchell or Judas Mesias; he plays the part of his "brother" Joseph Park
  • Brooke Hogan: daughter of Hulk Hogan, not married to Bully Ray
  • Brother Devon: father of Terrance and Terrell; not related to Bully Ray or any members of the Dudley Boys
  • Bully Ray: not married to Brooke Hogan, not the son-in-law of Hulk Hogan, not related to Brother Devon or any members of the Dudley Boys
  • Chavo Guerrero: son of Chavo Guerrero, nephew of Eddie & Vickie Guerrero
  • Crimson: not the brother of Amazing Red
  • Earl Hebner: brother of Dave Hebner, father of Brian Hebner
  • Eric Young: not married to ODB
  • Garett Bischoff: son of Eric Bischoff
  • Gail Kim: wife of celebrity chef Robert Irvine
  • Hector Guerrero: son of Gory Guerrero, brother of Eddie, Chavo Sr., & Mando Guerrero, uncle of Chavo Guerrero Jr., brother-n-law of Vickie Guerrero
  • Hulk Hogan: father of Brooke Hogan, not related to Bully Ray
  • Jeff Hardy: brother of Matt Hardy
  • Jeff Jarrett: husband of Karen Jarrett, son of Jerry Jarrett
  • Kazarian: husband of Traci Brooks
  • Kurt Angle: former husband of Karen Jarrett
  • ODB: not married to Eric Young
  • Rosita and Sarita: not related
  • Taryn Terrell: ex-husband of Drew McIntyre
  • Wes Brisco: son of Gerald Brisco, nephew of Jack Brisco

Current Ring of Honor Roster

  • Charlie Haas: husband of Jackie Gayda
  • Dave & Jake Crist: brothers
  • Harlem & Lance Bravado: brothers
  • Jay & Mark Briscoe: brothers
  • Matt & Nick Jackson: brothers

Current NXT Roster

  • Bray Wyatt: son of IRS, brother of Bo Dallas, grandson of Blackjack Mulligan, formerly known as Husky Harris
  • Charlotte: daughter of Ric Flair
  • Garrett Dylan: son of singer and actor Kris Kristofferson
  • Memo Montenegro: bother of Alberto Del Rio, son of Dos Caras, nephew of Mil Mascaras and Sicodelico
  • Richie Steamboat: son of Ricky Steamboat

Members of the WWE Hall of Fame

  • Arn Anderson: not related to Ole Anderson, Gene Anderson, or Ric Flair
  • Afa: nephew of Peter Maivia, brother of Sika, father of Samu, Manu, and the Tahitian Warrior, and the father-in-law of Gary Albright
  • Barry Windham: son of Blackjack Mulligan, brother of Kendall Windham, brother-in-law of Mike Rotundo (IRS), uncle of Husky Harris
  • Bob Armstrong: father of Brad, Scott, Steve and Brian (aka "The Road Dogg" Jesse James) Armstrong
  • Graham Family: Eddie is the father of Mike Graham, there is no relationship between Jerry, Luke, Eddie, and Billy Graham
  • Bill Watts: father of Erik Watts
  • Blackjack Lanza: not related to JBL
  • Blackjack Mulligan: father of Barry & Kendall Windham, father-in-law of Mike Rotundo, grandfather of Husky Harris
  • Bob Orton: son of Bob Orton Sr., father of Randy Orton
  • Bret Hart: son of Stu Hart, brother of Owen Hart, former brother-in-law of Jim Neidhart, British Bulldog, & the Dynamite Kid, part of the Hart wrestling dynasty
  • Curt Hennig: son of Larry Hennig, father of Mike McGillicutty
  • Dusty Rhodes: father of Dustin & Cody Rhodes, ex-father-in-law of Terri Runnels
  • Eddie Guerrero: husband of Vickie Guerrero, son of Gory Guerrero, brother of Chavo Sr., Hector, and Mando Guerrero, uncle of Chavo Guerrero, not related to Dominick
  • Gorilla Monsoon: father of Joey Marella
  • Greg Valentine: son of Johnny Valentine
  • Hulk Hogan: cousin of Horace Hogan, not related to Brutus Beefcake or Mike Awesome (Mike was Horace’s cousin)
  • Ivan Putski: father of of Scott Putski
  • Jack & Jerry Brisco: brothers, Gerald is the father of Wes Brisco
  • Jay Strongbow: not related to Jules Strongbow
  • Jimmy Snuka: father of Sim Snuka & Tamina, distant relative of the Samoans
  • Jimmy Valiant: not related to Johnny or Jerry Valiant, husband of Big Mama
  • Johnny Valiant: not related to Jimmy or Jerry Valiant
  • Maurice Vachon: brother of Paul and Vivian Vachon, uncle of Luna Vachon
  • Mil Mascaras: brother of Dos Caras and Sicodelico, uncle of Alberto Del Rio
  • Nick Bockwinkle: son of Warren Bockwinkle
  • Paul Orndorff: not related to Shane Douglas
  • Peter Maivia: uncle of Afa & Sika, father-in-law of Rocky Johnson, grandfather of the Rock
  • Ric Fair: father of David Flair, Reid Flair, and Charlotte, not related to the Andersons
  • Ricky Steamboat: not related to Sam Steamboat, father of Richie Steamboat
  • Road Warrior Animal: brother of John Laurinaitis, father of NFL star James Laurinatis
  • Rocky Johnson: son-in-law of Peter Maivia, father of the Rock
  • Shawn Michaels: husband of former WCW Nitro Girl Whisper
  • Sherri Martel: not related to Rick Martel
  • Sika: nephew of Peter Maivia, brother of Afa, father of Rosey and Roman Reigns
  • Steve Austin: former husband of Debra & Lady Blossom
  • Stu Hart: patriarch of the Hart Family Dynasty
  • Ted DiBiase: son of Mike DiBiase & Helen Hild, father of Ted and Brett DiBiase
  • Terry & Dory Funk Jr.: the sons of Dory Funk Sr., not related to Jimmy Jack Funk
  • The Sheik: uncle of Sabu
  • Tully Blanchard: son of Joe Blanchard
  • Verne Gagne: father of Greg Gagne, father-in-law of Larry Zbyzsko
  • Vincent J. McMahon: son of Jess McMahon, father of Vince McMahon, grandfather of Stephanie & Shane McMahon
  • Von Erich Family: Fritz was the father of Kevin, David, Kerry, Mike, and Chris; Waldo and Lance Von Erich were not relatives of the family
  • Wendi Richter: ex-wife of Hugo Savinovich
  • Yokozuna: nephew of Afa and Sika
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