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Matt Hardy Arrested


Matt Hardy Arrested

Matt Hardy Mug Shot 1

Courtesy of the Moore County Sheriff's Office
Starting in August of 2011, Matt Hardy's life took a turn for the worse as he was arrested four times over a span of three months, was involved in a few crashes, took a few trips to the hospital, and was booted out of rehab.

After being kicked out of rehab, the court ruled that he must reenter rehab and as a result he is currently out of prison in regards to his fourth arrest.

Latest Arrest
Arrest #4
November 19, 2011
Matt Hardy was kicked out of rehab after testing positive for alcohol. This resulted in Matt being arrested for violating a court order he was given following his third arrest.

Previous Developments
Matt Hardy Enters Rehab After Third Arrest
September 21, 2011
After his girlfriend called 911 for medical help for Matt, police found some drugs in his house..

Arrest #2
September 15, 2011
For the second time in less than a month, Matt was arrested on a DWI charge.

Matt Hardy Arrested and Then Released From TNA
August 21, 2011
Matt Hardy, who was already serving a suspension from TNA, was released from the company after he was arrested on a DWI charge.

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