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Professional Wrestlers


This section of the site will get you familiar with the current stars in the ring as well as some of the legendary figures that were a part of the business.
  1. Champions
  2. WWE RAW Superstars
  3. WWE SmackDown Superstars
  4. TNA Wrestlers (A-J)
  5. TNA Wrestlers (K-Z)
  1. Stars of the '00s
  2. Stars of the '90s
  3. Stars of the '80s
  4. Celebrity Wrestlers
  5. Diva Profiles


While a title belt is just a prop, it is the most important prop in the business. Most of the feuds you will see in wrestling are based around these titles.

WWE RAW Superstars

Triple H

The WWE is currently split between two brands. Each roster plies their trade on a different WWE program with each one being broadcast on a different network. These are the wrestlers that you need to know about to follow the WWE flagship program on the USA Network, Monday Night RAW. Please note that information about all female wrestlers, regardless of the company they work for, can be found in the Diva Profiles section.

WWE SmackDown Superstars

These are the wrestlers you need to know about to follow the action on Friday Night SmackDown. The show can be seen on MyNetwork TV.

TNA Wrestlers (A-J)

Hulk Hogan

Total Nonstop Action is the second largest wrestling company in America and can be seen every Thursday night on Spike TV.

TNA Wrestlers (K-Z)

This is a continuation of the list of profiles, timelines, photo galleries, and more that I have created for TNA wrestlers.

Stars of the '00s

Shawn Michaels

These wrestlers made their biggest contributions to the business in the new century and currently aren't wrestling for either the WWE or TNA.

Stars of the '90s

Steve Austin

The '90s saw a wrestling renaissance due to the Monday Night War between the WWE and WCW. These are the wrestlers that helped make that wrestling boom possible and aren't currently working for either the WWE or TNA.

Stars of the '80s

Ric Flair & Roddy Piper

When Hulkamania swept the nation, wrestling became a part of the popular culture.

Celebrity Wrestlers

David Arquette

Wrestling became part of the main stream culture due to celebrity involvement in the 1980's. Since then, many famous people have tried their hand at wrestling.

Diva Profiles

Torrie Wilson

The life stories of the most beautiful women on TV.

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