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Top 10 Scariest Wrestlers


One of the gimmicks to create heat for wrestlers has been to make the fans scared of them. It is very rare that a scary wrestler remains hated by the fans. In some cases, the once feared wrestler becomes cool and eventually the fans get behind him. Unfortunately, there are many more instances of the attempts at scaring the audience being so ridiculous that the fans can only laugh at what they are witnessing.

1. The Undertaker

Megan Elice Meadows/flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0
Since entering the WWE in 1990, the Undertaker has had several scary transformations. He started off as a zombie-like mortician who would stuff his opponents in a body bag. A few years later, he became the head of the cult-like Ministry of Darkness. He sacrificed his enemies on a giant symbol, tried to embalm Steve Austin, and attempted to marry Stephanie McMahon in a bizarre dark wedding. This mysterious individual has ever-changing supernatural powers. He now has the ability to send his opponents to hell. After a 2008 match against Edge, he threw him through the mat and with the movement of his arms flames appeared from the hole he sent Edge through.

2. Papa Shango

Papa Shango was a voodoo master that would come to the ring with a smoking skull. He is most famous for putting a curse on the Ultimate Warrior which once caused him to vomit on national TV. He also caused a black ooze to seep out of Warrior’s hair. Papa Shango went onto be known as the Godfather, the first pimp in WWF history.

3. Kane

Kane is the son of an affair between Paul Bearer and the Undertaker’s mother. Kane and his half-brother have been both the greatest of enemies and the best of friends. Like his half-brother, he can be exceptionally ruthless and impervious to pain. He has set several people on fire during his time in the WWE, forced Lita to marry him, and tortured Shane McMahon by attaching a car battery to his private parts. He is so scary that he starred in a horror movie, See No Evil, and didn't need any makeup.

4. Jake Roberts

Jake used to come to the ring with his python Damien. After Damien was squashed by Earthquake, Jake went off the deep-end. His new snake was a cobra named Lucifer. That snake is most famous for gnawing on the arm of Randy Savage for several minutes. During that era, he also turned on his friend the Ultimate Warrior by talking him into doing some bizarre stunts to prepare for a feud with the Undertaker. He made Warrior stay in a coffin, be buried up to his neck, and enter a room full of snakes.

5. Kevin Sullivan

During the '80s, Kevin was a leader of a cult in the Florida wrestling promotion. The Army of Darkness did not care about titles; they were after the soul of Dusty Rhodes. A decade later, that character was repacked as the Taskmaster in WCW. In WCW, he led a group called the Dungeon of Doom that wanted to kill Hulkamania.

6. Abdullah the Butcher

Abdullah was a 400-plus pound wrestler who was more interested in using his fork on the head of his opponent than trying to pin him. He had the most bizarre physique that allowed him to hide his weapons from the referee. His man-boobs were so large that he could hide a weapon in the folds of fat that hung off his sides. Every time he entered the ring, fans could expect a gory spectacle.

7. Paul Bearer

Paul Bearer started his WWF career as the manager of the Undertaker. For several years, he hosted The Funeral Parlor. He later admitted to having an affair with the Undertaker’s mommy and being the father of Kane. During his years as the manger of both Kane and the Undertaker, he helped both men do some depraved acts. Paul Bearer was murdered by the Undertaker a few years ago when he was buried alive in a concrete crypt.

8. The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman made his debut by reciting scary nursery rhymes and then breaking a clock over his head while screaming that “the Boogeyman is comin’ to getcha.” Despite threatening the fans in such a terrifying manner, the Boogeyman worked for good as he scared the bad guys of the WWE with his zany antics which always included eating a handful of worms.

9. The Yeti

Sometimes I can’t believe what I am writing. This is one of those cases. After Hulk Hogan killed the Giant by throwing him off the roof of the arena after a monster truck battle, the Giant came back to life and beat Hulk for the title later in the evening. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, after the match the Yeti made one of his rare appearances. The Yeti was a mummy that emerged from his frozen state to do something that can only be described as dry humping the Hulkster.

10. The KISS Demon

It is hard to believe that WCW went out of business when they invested in such great things as paying Gene Simmons to use his likeness as a wrestler. The Demon came out of a coffin accompanied by KISS music to enter the ring. His most famous match was a graveyard match against Vampiro where both men fought in a dimly lit graveyard. Wrestling fans are forever grateful that the gimmick was dropped before we got to see Peter, Paul, and Ace join him in the ring.
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