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Top 10 Best Movies to Feature a Professional Wrestler


This is a list of the 10 best movies that wrestlers have appeared in. My criteria for the list is the quality of the film and the ability of it to stand the test of time. Many of these movies are seen very frequently on cable despite being decades old. I am not basing this order on the acting ability of the wrestlers involved or the length of time that they appeared in the movie.

1. The Godfather

Before sleeping with the fishes, Luca Brasi was in the wrestling ring. The actor who portrayed Luca, Lenny Montana, was a former professional wrestler. In the 50's and 60's, Lenny "The Bull" Montana also wrestled under the names of The Zebra Kid and Chief Chickawicki. This movie is generally recognized as one of the greatest movies ever made.

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2. Blazing Saddles

Former pro wrestler Alex Karras played the part of Mongo in this Mel Brooks movie.  The film was voted the sixth best comedy of the past 100 years by the American Film Institute.  In addition to being a former pro wrestler, Alex was also a football great.  The Pro Football Hall of Fame voted Alex onto their 1960's All-Decade team.  In addition to having success in the ring, on the grid iron, and on the silver screen, he was also a television star.  He played the part of George Papadapolis on the '80s sitcom Webster.

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3. Goldfinger

Many would argue that this is the greatest of all the James Bond movies. The role of Oddjob was played by Harold Sakata. Before wrestling under the name of Tosh Togo, he won a silver medal in weightlifting for the United States during the 1948 Olympic Games in London. Despite never saying a word, he played the part so well that generations of movie fans know the character, which was later spoofed in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. In an interesting historical note, this was the first Bond film to win an Academy Award (Best Sound Effects Editing).

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4. The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of an aging wrestling star. The movie features real wrestlers battling Randy "The Ram" and the wrestlers that Randy talks to are real wrestlers. Without a doubt, this is the finest portrayal of the dark side of professional wrestling.

5. Victor/Victoria

Alex Karras played the part of "Squash" Bernstein in this Julie Andrews classic. Julie plays the part of a soprano singer that pretends to be a man that is a female impersonator in order to get a job. The movie was nominated for seven Academy Awards including best actress, best supporting actress, and best supporting actor.
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6. The Princess Bride

Andre the Giant played the part of Fezzik in this Rob Reiner directed classic. The movie was released in 1987 and was filmed in 1986 while Andre was "suspended" from the WWF for missing a match. The movie is about a grandfather reading his grandson a fairytale that comes to life. This fairytale features a beautiful woman forced to marry an evil prince only to be rescued by her one true love and live happily ever after.

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7. Ed Wood

George "The Animal" Steele played the part of Tor Johnson in this Tim Burton directed Oscar winning movie. Released in 1994, the movie was about the life of director Ed Wood. Ed Wood directed some of the worst movies in history including Plan 9 from Outer Space. The movie stars Johnny Depp. Supporting actor Martin Landeau won an Oscar for his role of Bela Lugosi.

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8. They Live

Roddy Piper stars in this John Carpenter directed classic. Released in 1988, this movie holds the distinction of being the first movie to feature a pro wrestler as the leading man that was not a B-rated movie. The success of this movie led to other wrestlers getting starring roles in big movies. Roddy plays the part of Nada, an out of work construction worker that finds a pair of sun glasses that allow him to see that aliens are running the world.

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9. Spider-Man

Randy Savage played the part of Bonesaw McGraw in this 2002 blockbuster. In the movie, Peter Parker beat Bonesaw in a wrestling match but the promoter didn't pay him for this victory. When the promoter was robbed, Peter let the robber go. Shortly after, the robber killed Peter's Uncle Ben.

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10. Man on the Moon

Jerry Lawler appeared in this movie about the life of Andy Kaufman. Jerry appeared as himself. In the early 80's Jerry Lawler had a feud with Andy Kaufman. This movie stars Jim Carrey and was released in 1999.

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