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Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (aka Jethro Holliday)


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (aka Jethro Holliday)

Jethro Holliday battles Booker T during a 2009 episode of TNA:iMPACT!

© 2009 TNA Entertainment LLC.

Lance Cade:

Lance McNaught was born on March 2, 1981, in Omaha, Nebraska. He was trained to wrestle by Shawn Michaels and started wrestling in 1999. He debuted in the WWE in June 2003 as Garrison Cade and wrestled there for a year. Prior to teaming with Trevor Murdoch, his biggest success came as part of a mid-card tag team with Mark Jindrak. Sadly, Lance passed away on August 13, 2010, at the age of 29. His father informed World Wrestling Entertainment that the cause of death was heart failure.

Trevor Murdoch:

Trevor Rhodes was born in 1980 in Coffeyville, Kansas. He was trained by Harley Race. His biggest success prior to entering the WWE was as Stan Dupp, one half of the Dupp Brothers. Their gimmick was that of hillbilly brothers and they were featured during the first few months of TNA.

Cade & Murdoch - The Rise:

Their gimmick can be thought of as a cross between a cowboy and a redneck. Trevor was given the name Murdoch because of his resemblance to the late Dick Murdoch. They started teaming together in the summer of 2005 and made their TV debut by beating World Tag Team Champions Hurricane & Rosey in a non-title match. Two weeks later they beat them at Unforgiven to become tag team champions. Their title reign lasted a little more than a month.

Cade & Murdoch - The Fall:

After losing the tag team titles to Kane and the Big Show, the team went into a massive tailspin. They were off of television for several months. When they returned, they were used as warm-up material for D-Generation X. They usually beat Cade and Murdoch in minutes, even when the odds were stacked against them.

Cade & Murdoch - The Rebirth:

In the spring of 2007, they became number one contenders for the titles. After losing a match to the Hardys, they hatched a plan where they tried to act like they were their friends. A few months later, the plan was executed and they were able to get the titles from the Hardys. They lost the belts to Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes at the RAW XV special in December 2007.

Cade & Murdoch - The End:

2008 was marked by a bad losing streak for the team that resulted in Murdoch becoming a singing cowboy to express his frustrations. When the team finally won a match, Cade attacked his partner after he sang another song. The two never had a chance to feud because Murdoch was drafted to SmackDown and then released from the WWE. A few months later, Cade was also released from the company following an incident on an airplane where he got a seizure due to what Jim Ross described on his blog as bad judgment.

"The Outlaw" Jethro Holliday is Born and Lance Cade Signs with FCW:

In 2009, Trevor returned to TNA where he briefly played the character of Jethro Holliday. In September 2009, Lance Cade was signed to a WWE developmental contract with Florida Championship Wrestling. He was released in April 2010.

World Tag Team Title Victories and Losses:

9/18/05 Unforgiven - won tag team titles from The Hurricane & Rosey
11/1/05 Taboo Tuesday - lost tag team titles to Kane & The Big Show
6/4/07 RAW - won the tag team titles from The Hardys
9/5/07 - lost the tag team titles to Paul London & Brian Kendrick
9/8/07 - regained the tag team titles from Paul London & Brian Kendrick
12/10/07 RAW - lost the tag team titles to Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly

Sources Used Include: WWE.com,Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac, and www.onlineworldofwrestling.com

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