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Profile of Jeff Jarrett


Profile of Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Jeff Jarrett is the son of the legendary Tennessee promoter Jerry Jarrett. He was born on April 14, 1967, in Nashville and made his debut in 1986. In 2002, he co-founded Total Nonstop Action and is still a minority shareholder and Vice-President of the company.

Pre WWF:

Jeff started his career working in his dad's Memphis territory which later included the Dallas territory. The combined company was renamed the USWA. In 1992, this territory was used by WWE for developmental purposes. In addition, Jerry Jarrett was in line to take over for Vince McMahon if he had to go to jail on steroid distribution charges.

WWF - Country singer J-E-doubleF-J-A-doubleR-E-doubleT:

Jeff entered WWE in late-93 as an arrogant country singer that would spell his name out whenever he spoke about himself. A year later, he brought in a new sidekick to be his roadie. Jeff soon became Intercontinental Champion and was feuding with the top stars in the company like Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels. He would then feud with his Roadie when it came out that it was the Roadie that was the singer of Jeff's hit song.

WCW (Summer of 96 - October 97) :

Jeff went to World Championship Wrestling in 1996 and became a member of the 4 Horsemen in their feud against the NWO. Jeff would later get in a feud with fellow Horseman Steve McMichael over the managerial services of Steve's wife Debra. Debra joined up with Jeff before he left in 1997 to rejoin World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWF Part 2 (10/97 - 10/99):

Jeff joined WWE and was placed in an angle involving the National Wrestling Alliance that went nowhere. He then feuded with X-Pac and lost his hair in a match. He was later rejoined with Debra and started a successful team with Owen Hart that lasted until Owen's tragic death. He then got in a feud with Chyna. The day before the big match, his WWE contract expired. He wrestled the match but left WWE on very bad terms.

WCW Part 2 (11/99 - 3/01):

Jeff finally became a world champ when he beat Dallas Page in April 2000. Jeff would become involved in 2 angles that helped lead to the death of WCW. The first was his involvement in the match that made DAVID ARQUETTE world champ. A few months later, in Hulk Hogan's final WCW match, Jeff laid down and let Hogan pin him in the advertised main event. With the death of WCW and no chance of returning to WWE, Jeff started his own promotion.


In 2002, Jeff co-founded Total Nonstop Action. He has been one of the constants of the promotion that has seen many changes both on and off the screen. In 2007, his wife, Jill Jarrett, passed away from cancer. Jeff stopped wrestling to raise his children but he is still involved with TNA behind-the-scenes.

Title Victories:

Intercontinental Title
1/22/95 Royal Rumble - Razor Ramon
4/26/95 Raw - Bob Holly
5/21/95 Raw - Razor Ramon
5/31/99 Raw - The Godfather
7/25/99 Fully Loaded - Edge
8/22/99 SummerSlam- D-Lo Brown
Tag Team Title
1/25/99 Raw - with Owen Hart beat Big Bossman & Ken Shamrock

World Title
4/16/00 Spring Stampede - Dallas Page
5/7/00 Slamboree - David Arquette
5/22/00 Nitro - Ric Flair
5/29/00 Nitro - Ric Flair
US Title
6/9/97 Nitro - Dean Malenko
12/20/99 Nitro - Chris Benoit

NWA World Title
11/20/02 PPV - Ron Killings
10/22/03 PPV - AJ Styles
6/2/04 PPV - beat Ron Killings, AJ Styles, Chris Harris, & Raven in a King of the Mountain match
9/15/05 Ontario - Raven
11/3/05 Prime Time iMPACT! - Rhino
6/18/06 Slammiversary - beat champ Christian Cage, Sting, Ron Killings, and Abyss in a King of the Mountain match

Sources: PWI Almanac & Onlineworldofwrestling.com

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