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The "Phenomenal" A.J. Styles



A.J. Styles

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Allen Jones, better known to wrestling fans as AJ Styles, was born on June 2, 1978, in Georgia. He was trained by Rick Michaels and made his debut in 1998. He became a star of the indy scene and gained the attention of the WWE. In a surprising move, he turned down their developmental offer feeling that he would be better off working in the indies.

TNA - The Early Days:

He found immediate success in TNA, winning both the inaugural X Division and Tag Team Championship Tournaments. His wrestling style quickly established TNA as an alternative to the WWE product. The fans knew that regardless of whatever else was on the show, AJ Styles would have an incredible match worth watching.

The Indies:

During the early days of TNA, wrestled for various indy promotions. While helping TNA become a national organization, he also was helping Ring of Honor in their early days. With the Amazing Red as his partner, AJ has held their tag team championship.

TNA Original:

After TNA started to sign WWE cast-offs, AJ found himself playing second-fiddle in alliances dedicated to protecting men like Kurt Angle and Christian. When the Main Event Mafia was formed in 2008 to take over the company, AJ became a founding member of the TNA Frontline, an alliance dedicated to saving the company for the men that helped build it. While the Frontline fizzled, AJ didn't. At No Surrender 2009, AJ won the TNA Championship from the Godfather of the Main Event Mafia, Kurt Angle.

TNA Title History:

NWA & TNA World Heavyweight Championships
6/11/03 PPV - beat Jeff Jarrett
10/22/03 PPV - lost to Jeff Jarrett
4/21/04 PPV - beat Jeff Jarrett in a cage
5/19/04 PPV - lost title to Ron Killings in a match also featuring Chris Harris, & Raven
5/15/05 Hard Justice - beat Jeff Jarrett in a match featuring Tito Ortiz as referee
6/19/05 Slammiversary - lost title to Raven in a match also featuring Monty Brown , Abyss, & Sean Waltman
9/20/09 No Surrender - beat TNA Champion Kurt Angle, Sting, Matt Morgan, & Hernandez
4/19/10 iMPACT! - lost the title to Rob Van Dam
10/20 Bound for Glory - beat Bully Ray in a No DQ Match
10/31 IMPACT WRESTLING - stripped of the title

Legends Championship
3/15/08 Destination X - beat Booker T
7/19/09 Victory Road - lost the title to Kevin Nash

Global/Television Championship
7/22/10 iMPACT! - won the Global Championship from Rob Terry. He renamed the title the TV Championship the following week.
12/5/10 Final Resolution - lost the title to Douglas Williams

X-Division Title
6/26/02 PPV - beat Psicosis, Jerry Lynn & Low Ki
8/7/02 PPV - lost title to Low Ki in a match also featuring Jerry Lynn
10/23/02 PPV - beat X-Pac
11/6/02 PPV - lost to Jerry Lynn
6/9/04 PPV - beat Frankie Kazarian
7/28/04 PPV - lost title to both Matt Bentley & Kazarian
1/16/05 Final Resolution - beat Champ Petey Williams & Christopher Daniels
3/13/05 Destination X - lost to Chris Daniels in a match also featuring Elix Skipper & Ron Killings
9/11/05 Unbreakable - beat Champ Chris Daniels & Samoa Joe
12/11/05 Turning Point - lost to Samoa Joe
11/2/06 iMPACT! - beat Chris Sabin
11/16/06 iMPACT! - Chris Daniels beat champ A.J. Styles & Chris Sabin

Tag Team Title
7/3/02 PPV - w/Jerry Lynn beat The Rainbow Express
8/14/02 PPV - titles held up after a match against Ron Killings & Jeff Jarrett
2/4/04 PPV - w/Abyss beat The Redshirt Security. They are later stripped of the belts
6/18/06 Slammiversary - w/Chris Daniels beat America's Most Wanted
8/25/06 iMPACT! - w/Chris Daniels lost the titles to the LAX in a border brawl match
9/24/06 No Surrender - w/Chris Daniels beat the LAX in an Ultimate X match
10/22/06 Bound for Glory - w/Chris Daniels lost to the LAX in a Steel Cage match
10/14/07 Bound for Glory - w/Tomko beat Team Pacman
4/17/07 iMPACT! - w/Tomko lost the tag team titles to Eric Young & Kaz in a match that also involved the LAX
6/10/12 Slammiversary - w/Kurt Angle beat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian
6/28/12 IMPACT WRESTLING - w/Kurt Angle beat Christopher Daniels & Kazarian

(Sources: TNA Wrestling.com & Onlineworldofwrestling.com)

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