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Vince Russo Interview


On 12/19/05, I had the privilege of interviewing Vince Russo. His fans have said that he was responsible for saving the WWE. His critics have blamed him for killing the WCW. In this interview, I spoke to Vince about some of the events that took place in his time with the WWF, his book, drug testing, and the abuse that wrestlers put their bodies through. For the sake of full disclosure, I have to note that prior to the interview I informed Vince of the Tim White suicide angle that took place the night before.

Eric: You've got a book and a DVD set that just came out. Can you tell my readers a little about them?
Vince Russo: The DVD is an interview that myself and Ed Ferrara sat down and did. I think it's the one and only interview that we ever did together like that. It was really good, and the main reason I did that, to be honest with you, was I just wanted to spend some time with Ed and to get together with him. We had to mend some old wounds over the wrestling business. Quite frankly, I really didn't want to do the interview. I wasn't interested in just getting into the past and rehashing and hashing that stuff all over and over again. But I wanted to spend time with him, and it was really a good experience for us to get together. I know they're selling that out. The book, Forgiven, came out a couple of weeks ago, and basically what the book is about my life in the WWE and it's about Christianity. The real cool thing about the book is I actually wrote the book before I became a Christian and then once I became saved, I kind of kept the original manuscript intact, but I have a running commentary on it as the saved Vince commenting on the unsaved Vince. It's a real, real interesting perspective. I've never really read a book like this before, and out of everything I've ever done before, it's probably the thing I most proud of.

Eric: I have a few questions about the book itself. When you started off in the WWE, you mentioned that the Kliq had a lot of power. Is it true that they used that power to destroy some careers, in particular Shane Douglas’s?
Vince Russo: I don't want to say that because I don't know all the details. You hear a lot of rumors and stuff like that, but at the time, the Kliq either liked you, or they didn't. They had the power to either make life easy for you or difficult, so if they hurt the careers of some people along the way, yeah, I'm sure that probably did happen. But as far as specifics and whatnot, I really didn't get too involved in that. I wasn't one of the boys. I tried to steady as far away from the locker room as I could, but there were a lot of things you did see on the surface.

Eric: When the original transcript was written, you had mentioned that no new stars were made since you left. Since then, Batista and John Cena have been given a chance to run with the belts. I wonder what your opinion is of them and if you feel one of them could be the next Rock?
Vince Russo: I'll be honest with you, I don't watch to show. I’ll catch it here and there. If I'm changing through channels I might stop for a few minutes, but there is absolutely nothing that interests me on that show, and I honestly couldn't tell you. I’m a wrestling fan and I lost interest in the product on TV right now because, I’m a fan of good writing, and I'm a fan of good storylines and good characters and good dialogue. I've always been a fan of that and from what I see now, it is simply written at a 12-year-old level and it's silly to me. And that's why I couldn't really comment on those guys because I really don't follow them or watch them.

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