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Rey Mysterio


Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

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This section of the website will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life and career of Rey Mysterio.

Profile of Rey Mysterio
While billed as Rey Misterio Jr. in the early part of his career, Rey Misterio was not his father. Rey Misterio Sr. is his uncle.

Timeline of Rey Mysterio
Newer fans may not remember this, but Rey lost his mask in a match and wrestled for several years with his face exposed.

Rey Mysterio Photo Gallery
You've go to see the huge size difference between Rey and the Great Khali to believe it.

What is Lucha Libre?
Why does Rey wear a mask and why is it so important to him and other luchadores?

Relive the Nights Rey Became a World Champion

WrestleMania 22
Rey faced World Champion Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in the most important match of his career.

Fatal Four Way 2010
This Fatal Four Way was far from fatal for Rey.

Monday Night RAW 7/25/11
Sadly for Rey, this was also the night he lost the title.

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Rey Mysterio's Autobiogrpahy - Behind the Mask - (review)
Rey Mysterio: The Biggest Little Man 3-disc DVD set - (review)
Rey Mysterio 619 2-disc DVD set

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