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Maven Huffman Interview


Maven Huffman Interview

Maven on the set of The Surreal Life

photo courtesy of VH1
On 5/4/06, I had the privilege of interviewing Maven Huffman. At this time, Maven is currently one of the stars of The Surreal Life Season 6. In addition to The Surreal Life, Maven is a former WWE superstar and was the winner of the first season of Tough Enough.

Eric: How did your being on The Surreal Life happen?
Maven: It was about a month or so after I stopped wrestling for the WWE, I was just at my house one day and I got a phone call from one of the casting directors and she asked me if I would be interested in doing it. At first I was hesitant on doing it, but I talked it over with a few friends and it sounded like fun so I flew out and took a chance.

Eric: When did they film the show?
Maven: They filmed it at the end of September.

Eric: How long were you in the house for?
Maven: The show filmed for 11 days.

Eric: How accurate is what we’re seeing? Are they portraying people the way that you saw or are they dramatizing it a lot?
Maven: They are portraying people the way that they were but they’re definitely using the liberty and the right of editing. Being that the show is only half an hour long, it is easy to catch someone in a moment of weakness and plaster that up on television and then that becomes someone’s persona.

Eric: You also did Tough Enough and I was wondering which one did you find more real on TV?
Maven: Probably Tough Enough. Tough Enough was 9 weeks. Yeah it was a TV show and yeah they made it out to be interesting but it wasn’t as edited as The Surreal Life.

Eric: Do you still keep in contact with any members of The Surreal Life cast?
Maven: I keep in contact with a good majority of them. Steve Harwell, Sherman Helmsley, and Andrea Lowell are probably the 3 main people I keep in contact with the most.

Eric: Do you have any other acting things on the horizon?
Maven: Nothing right now.

Eric: Where is your wrestling career at right now?
Maven: The wrestling career right now is still going. I do house shows monthly for TNA and am interested and currently talking with them about the possibility of working with them.

Eric: Have you done anything overseas in Japan?
Maven: Nothing overseas or in Japan.

Eric: Is there anything you would like to let the fans know?
Maven: I appreciate the support, I appreciate them watching me throughout the years, I appreciate everyone tuning into Tough Enough, the WWE, or The Surreal Life and hopefully this is just another step in the career of Maven Huffman.

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