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This section of the website will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life and career of Edge.

Profile of Edge
Which one of Edge's WWE feuds was based on a real life love triangle?

Timeline of Edge's WWE Career
Edge has held more tag team gold in his WWE career than any other wrestler in the history of the company.

Interview with Edge
Does the king of tables, ladders, and chair matches prefer to use a table, ladder, or chair in a match?

Review of Edge's Autobiography, Adam Copeland on Edge
Edge has had a phenomenal WWE career. Does his autobiography live up to that legacy?

Review of Edge's DVD, Edge: A Decade of Decadence
This 3-disc set features 28 matches.

Review of Edge's Second DVD, You Think You Know Me? - The Story of Edge
This 3-disc set features a documentary and 12 matches.

WWE Weddings
Edge has been a groom twice on WWE TV.

Relive the Night's Edge's Won the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships

New Year's Revolution 2006
Edge won his first WWE Championship in the most cowardly of ways.

Monday Night RAW 7/3/06
How did John Cena accidentally help his foe win his second WWE Championship from Rob Van Dam?

SmackDown 5/11/07
For the second time, Edge cashes in the Money in the Bank.

Armageddon 2007
The Undertaker and Batista were no match for three Edges.

One Night Stand 2008
Edge won the vacant World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC Match and also caused the Undertaker to be banished from the WWE.

Survivor Series 2008
Somehow Edge continues to find a new heinous way to win the title while doing very little work.

Royal Rumble 2009
Edge took advantage of a sibling rivalry to regain the title.

No Way Out 2009
Edge lost the WWE Championship and won the World Heavyweight Championship in two Elimination Chamber matches.

Backlash 2009
Edge beats Cena for another title, this time in a Last Man Standing Match.

TLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs 2010
The master of the TLC Match beat three other men to win the title.

SmackDown 2/18/11
The 600th episode of the show saw Edge get stripped of the World Heavyweight Championship, fired, rehired, and regain the title.

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