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Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About WWE Superstar Dave "The Animal" Batista

Dave Batista - Profile, Timeline, Photos, & More


David Batista 2005
J. Shearer/Contributor/WireImage for BWR Public Relations/Getty Images
Dave "the Animal" Batista is a two-time World Champion. This section of the website will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life and career of Dave "The Animal" Batista.

Profile of Batista
When he tried out for the WCW Power Plant he was cut because WCW didn't feel that he had what it took to be a successful wrestler. WCW is now out of business while Batista is a World Champion that has main evented a WrestleMania.

Timeline of Batista
This link will lead you to the results of every PPV match that Batista has been in as well as every title change he has been involved in.

Batista Photo Galleries

2006 Batista Photo Gallery
This gallery includes both WWE publicity shots as well as in-ring action shots.

Batista vs Superman
Batista appeared as Aldar on the CW Network show Smallville. Aldar is a villain that escaped from the "Phantom Zone".

Batista Product Reviews

Batista - I Walk Alone
This 3-disc DVD set features a documentary and 18 of his matches.

Review of Batista Unleashed
Dave's autobiography was released in 2007.

The Nights That Batista was Crowned WWE and World Heavyweight Champion

WrestleMania 21
In only his second WrestleMania match, Batista took on his former mentor Triple H in the main event.

Survivor Series 2006
Batista faced King Booker for the title that he never lost in a match.

Unforgiven 2007
Batista faced the his friend Rey Mysterio and his mortal enemy the Great Khali in a triple threat match to start his third title reign.

Cyber Sunday 2008
Batista took on Chris Jericho in a match where the fans chose the referee.

Extreme Rules 2009
Batista and Randy Orton battled in a Steel Cage Match.

Elimination Chamber 2010
It pays to be friends with your boss.

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