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Steve Austin


Steve Austin

Steve Austin

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This section of the website will allow you to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the life and career of Steve Austin.

Profile of Steve Austin
Steve couldn't use his birth name as a wrestler because there was another famous wrestler using that name, Dr. Death Steve Williams.

Steve Austin Timeline
When he was a part of the Hollywood Blondes with Brian Pillman, Brian bought him a chain for their gimmick that Steve continues to wear to honor the memory of his late friend.

Steve Austin Photo Gallery
This gallery has pictures of Austin inside the ring, at press conferences, and at the screening of his movie.

Stone Cold Trivia Quiz
How much do you know about "The Rattlesnake"?

Steve Austin Press Conference
Steve spoke about many topics including his favorite RAW memories and gives his thoughts on several wrestlers.

The 10 Most Famous Wrestlers
Where does Stone Cold rank on my list?

The 10 Longest Reigning WWE Champions
Despite his fame, he is not very high on this list. At least he made this list unlike the Rock.

The Fate of the Royal Rumble Winner
Steve won the event three times but there was always controversy on his way to WrestleMania. He got the WrestleMania title shot once when he lost the Rumble and didn't get it once when he did win the Rumble.

The Condemned
Photo Gallery - 16 pictures from the movie and behind-the-scenes.
Movie Review - It was a pretty good movie that is not intended to be viewed by children.
Steve Austin Talks About The Condemned - About.com guide Rebecca Murray spoke to Steve about this movie.

Buy Steve Austin Merchandise
Review Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time - This 4-disc set features a documentary and is also available on Blu-ray.
Review of Knockout - Steve summons his inner Mr. Miyagi as he trains a kid for a boxing match against the school bully.
Review of The Stranger - Steve is an amnesiac battling both the Russian mafia and the FBI.
Review of Damage - Steve Austin plays the part of a parolee sucked into the world of underground pit fighting.
Review of The Legacy of Stone Cold Steve Austin - It took many attempts but the WWE finally got it right with this Austin DVD.
The Stone Cold Truth by Steve Austin - This is Stone Cold's autobiography.
The Stone Cold Truth DVD - This DVD is a documentary about his life plus a few matches.
What??? - This DVD follows the first year back for Steve from his neck surgery plus a few matches.

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