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SummerSlam Wrestler Facts


SummerSlam Wrestler Facts
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The following are some fun facts about the wrestlers that have competed at SummerSlam.


Most SummerSlam Matches
15 - The Undertaker

Most Consecutive Years With a Match at SummerSlam
14 - The Undertaker (1992-2005)

Longest Current Consecutive SummerSlam Matches Streak
10 - John Cena (2004-2013)

Win/Loss Records

Most SummerSlam Wins
9 - The Undertaker

Most SummerSlam Losses:
6 - John Cena

Wrestlers Undefeated at SummerSlam (min. 3 matches):
Bart Gunn 3-0
Hulk Hogan 6-0
Jerry Lawler 3-0
John Morrison 3-0
Jim Duggan 3-0
Road Warrior Animal 3-0
Road Warrior Hawk 3-0
Tatanka 3-0
Ultimate Warrior 5-0

Wrestlers to Never Win at SummerSlam (min. 3 matches):
Big Daddy V 0-3
Booker T 0-5
Great Khali 0-3
Jeff Hardy 0-5
Marty Janetty 0-4
Mideon 0-3
Rikishi 0-3
Tito Santana 0-3

Wrestler Placement on the Card

Wrestler to Appear in the Most Final Matches at SummerSlam:
4 - Hulk Hogan, Triple H, & The Undertaker

Wrestlers to be in the Final Match at Their First SummerSlam:
Hulk Hogan (1988)
Randy Savage (1988)
Ted DiBiase (1988)
Andre the Giant (1988)
Brutus Beefcake (1989)
Zeus (1989)
Sgt. Slaughter (1991)
General Adnan (1991)
Col. Mustafa (1991)
Lex Luger (1993)
Yokozuna (1993)
Brian Lee (1994)
Vader (1996)
Kurt Angle (2000)
Booker T (2001)
Brock Lesnar (2002)
Goldberg (2003)
Randy Orton (2003)
R-Truth (2010)
Daniel Bryan (2010)
Wade Barrett (2010)
Darren Young (2010)
David Otunga (2010)
Heath Slater (2010)
Justin Gabriel (2010)
Michael Tarver (2010)
Skip Sheffield (2010)
Alberto Del Rio (2011)

Wrestler to Appear in the Most Opening Matches:
5 – Rey Mysterio

Wrestlers to be in Both an Opening & a Final Match at SummerSlam:
Alberto Del Rio (both done in 2011)
Bret Hart
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Davey Boy Smith
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels
Ted DiBiase Sr.
Triple H

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