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The History of SummerSlam


The History of SummerSlam
© 2008 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

SummerSlam 89 – Meadowlands Arena; East Rutherford, NJ 8/2/89
- The Brainbusters pinned The Hart Foundation
- Dusty Rhodes pinned The Honky Tonk Man
- Curt Hennig pinned Terry Taylor
- The Rougeau Brothers & Rick Martel beat The Rockers & Tito Santana
- I-C Title: The Ultimate Warrior regained the title from Rick Rude
- Tag Team Champs Demolition & Jim Duggan beat Andre the Giant, Big Bossman, & Akeem
- Hercules Hernandez beat Greg Valentine by DQ - Special ring announcer Ron Garvin
- Ted DiBiase beat Jimmy Snuka via count out
- Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake beat Randy Savage & Zeus

SummerSlam 90 – The Spectrum; Philadelphia, PA 8/27/90
- Power & Glory beat The Rockers
- I-C Title: Kerry Von Erich won the title from Curt Hennig
- "Queen" Sherri beat Sapphire when Sapphire did not appear
- The Warlord pinned Tito Santana
- Tag Team Title: The Hart Foundation won the Tag Team Titles from Demolition in a best of 3 falls match
- Jake Roberts beat Bad News Brown - Big Bossman was referee
- Jim Duggan & Nikolai Volkoff beat The Orient Express
- Randy Savage pinned Dusty Rhodes. During the match, Ted DiBiase was on stage with Sapphire to let Dusty know he bought her off.
- Hulk Hogan beat Earthquake by count out
- Steel Cage Match for WWF Title: Champ The Ultimate Warrior beat Rick Rude

SummerSlam 91 – Madison Square Garden; New York, NY 8/26/91
- Ricky Steamboat, Davey Boy Smith & Kerry Von Erich beat The Warlord & Power & Glory
- I-C Title: Bret Hart won the title from Curt Hennig
- The Natural Disasters beat The Bushwhackers
- Virgil pinned Ted DiBiase to win Ted's "Million Dollar Belt"
- Loser spends the night in a NYC jail: The Big Bossman beat The Mountie
- Tag Team Title: The Legion of Doom won the title from The Nasty Boys
- IRS beat Greg Valentine
- WWF Champ Hulk Hogan & The Ultimate Warrior beat Sgt. Slaughter,Col. Mustafa, & General Adnan - special ref Sid Justice
- Randy Savage & Elizabeth were married

SummerSlam 92 – Wembley Stadium; London, England 8/29/92
- Jim Duggan & The Bushwhackers beat The Nasty Boys & The Mountie
- Papa Shango beat Tito Santana
- Tatanka beat The Berzerker
- The Legion of Doom beat Ted DiBiase & IRS
- Nailz beat Virgil
- In a match where no one was allowed to be hit in the face, Rick Martel & Shawn Michaels fought to a double count out
- Tag Team Title: Champs The Natural Disasters beat The Beverly Brothers
- Crush beat Repo Man
- World Title: The Ultimate Warrior beat Champion Randy Savage via count out
- The Undertaker beat Kamala by DQ
- I-C Title: Davey Boy Smith pinned Bret Hart to win the title

SummerSlam 93 – The Palace; Auburn Hills, MI 8/30/93
- Razor Ramon pinned Ted DiBiase
- Tag Team Title: Champions The Steiner Brothers beat The Heavenly Bodies
- I-C Title: Champion Shawn Micheals beat Curt Hennig via count out
- IRS beat The Kid
- Bret Hart beat Doink by DQ when "injured" Jerry Lawler hit Bret over the head with his crutches
- Winner Named Undisputed King: Jerry Lawler beat Bret Hart by reverse decision when Bret wouldn't let go of "The Sharpshooter" after the match
- Ludvig Borga beat Marty Jannetty
- Rest in Peace Match: The Undertaker pinned Giant Gonzalez
- Tatanka & The Smokin' Gunns beat The Headshrinkers & Bam Bam Bigelow
- WWF Title: Lex Luger beat Champion Yokozuna by count out

SummerSlam 94 – United Center; Chicago, IL 8/29/94
- Bam Bam Bigelow & IRS beat The Headshrinkers by DQ
- Women's Title: Champ Alundra Blayze pinned Bull Nakano
- I-C Title: Razor Ramon pinned Diesel to win the title
- Tatanka beat Lex Luger
- Jeff Jarrett beat Mabel
- WWF Title Match in a steel cage: Champ Bret Hart beat Owen Hart
- The Undertaker pinned The Fake Undertaker

SummerSlam 95 – Civic Arena; Pittsburgh, PA 8/27/95
- Hakushi beat The Kid
- Hunter Hearst Helmsley beat Bob Holly
- The Smokin' Gunns beat Jacob & Eli Blu
- Barry Horowitz beat Skip
- Women's Title: Bertha Faye beat Alundra Blayze to win the title
- Casket Match: Undertaker beat Kama
- Bret Hart beat Isaac Yankem by DQ
- I-C Title Ladder Match: Champion Shawn Michaels beat Razor Ramon
- WWF Title: Champ Diesel beat Mabel

SummerSlam 96 – Gund Arena; Cleveland, OH 8/18/96
- Owen Hart pinned Savio Vega
- Tag Team Title: Champions The Smokin' Gunns beat The Godwinns, Skip & Zip, & Leif Cassidy& Marty Janetty in a four way tag team elimination match
- Sid beat Davey Boy Smith
- Goldust beat Marc Mero
- Jerry Lawler beat Jake Roberts
- Boiler Room Brawl: Mankind beat The Undertaker due to Paul Bearer turning on The Undertaker
- WWF Title: Champion Shawn Michaels pinned Big Van Vader
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