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The History of Starrcade


The History of Starrcade

Starrcade: The Essential Collection 1983 - 2000

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Starrcade 1990 - The Kiel Auditorium; St. Louis, MO 12/16/1990
- Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: The Steiners (USA) beat Col. Deklerk & Sgt. Kreuger (S Africa)
- Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: Rey Misterio Sr. & Konnan (Mexico) beat Chris Adams & Norman Smiley (Great Britain)
- Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: The Great Muta & Mr. Saito (Japan) beat Rip Morgan & Jacko Victory (New Zealand)
- Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals: Victor Zangiev & Salmon Hashimikov (USSR) beat Danny Johnson & Troy Montour (Canada)
- Semi-Finals: The Steiners beat Misterio & Konnan
- Semi-Finals: Muta & Saito beat Zangiev & Hashimikov
- Finals: The Steiners beat Muta & Saito to win the Pat O'Conner Invitational Tag Team Tournament
- Bobby Eaton beat Tom Zenk
- Michael Wall Street beat Terry Taylor
- The Skyscrapers beat The Motor City Madman & Big Cat
- Tommy Rich & Ricky Morton beat The Freebirds
- Bull Rope match for the US Title: Lex Luger beat Stan Hansen to win the title
- Street Fight for NWA Tag Team Titles: Champions Doom fought Arn Anderson & Barry Windham to a no contest
- Cage Match for NWA World Title: Champion Sting beat The Black Scorpion (revealed to be Ric Flair)

Starrcade 1991 - The Scope; Norfolk, VA 12/29/1991
- Marcus Alexander Bagwell& Jim Garvin beat Michael Hayes & Tracey Smothers
- Steve Austin & Rick Rude beat Big Josh & Van Hammer
- Ricky Morton & Dustin Rhodes beat El Gigante & Larry Zbysko
- Bill Kazmaier & Jushin Liger beat Dallas Page & Mike Graham
- Lex Luger & Arn Anderson beat Tom Zenk & Terry Taylor
- Ricky Steamboat & Todd Champion beat Cactus Jack & Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker
- Sting & Abdullah the Butcher beat Bobby Eaton & Brian Pillman
- Big Van Vader & Mr. Hughes beat The Nghtstalker & Rick Steiner
- Scott Steiner & Firebreaker Chip beat Johnny B Badd & Arachnaman
- Tommy Rich & Ron Simmons beat Steve Armstrong & PN News
- Sting won the Battle Bowl battle royal which was made up of the winners of the lethal lottery tag team match winners by last eliminating Lex Luger

Starrcade 1992 - The Omni; Atlanta, GA 12/28/1992
- NWA World Title: Champ Masa Chono beat The Great Muta
- WCW World Title: Champ Ron Simmons beat Steve Williams by DQ
- WCW & NWA Tag Team Titles: Champs Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas beat Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes
- King of Cable Tournament Final: Sting beat Big Van Vader
- Lethal Lottery Matches: Van Hammer & Dan Spivey beat Cactus Jack & Johnny B Badd
- Dustin Rhodes & Big Van Vader beat Kensuske Sasaki & The Barbarian
- Bary Windham & The Great Muta beat 2 Cold Scorpio & Brian Pillman
- Steve Williams & Sting beat Erik Watts & Jushin Liger
- Battlebowl: The Great Muta won the match over the lethal lottery winners by last eliminating Barry Windham

Starrcade 1993 - Independence Arena; Charlotte, NC 12/27/1993
- Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma beat 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Alexander Bagwell
- Shockmaster beat Awesome Kong
- TV Title: Champ Steven Regal fought Ricky Steamboat to a time limit draw
- Cactus Jack & Maxx Payne beat Tex Slazenger & Shanghai Pierce
- Best of Three Falls Match for US Title: Steve Austin beat Dustin Rhodes 2 falls to 1 to win the title
- WCW International World Title: Champ Rick Rude pinned The Boss
- WCW Tag Team Title: Sting & Road Warrior Hawk beat Champions The Nasty Boys by DQ
- WCW World Title: Ric Flair beat Big Van Vader to win the title, if Flair lost, he would have been forced to retire.

Starrcade 1994 - Municipal Auditorium; Nashville, TN 12/27/1994
- US Title: Big Van Vader beat Jim Duggan to win the title
- Alex Wright beat Jean-Paul LeVeque
- TV Title: Champ Johnny B Badd beat The Honky Tonk Man
- WCW Tag Titles: The Nasty Boys beat Champs Harlem Heat by DQ
- Mr. T beat Kevin Sullivan
- Sting beat Avalanche by DQ
- WCW World Title: Champ Hulk Hogan beat Brutus Beefcake

Starrcade 1995 - Municipal Auditorium; Nashville, TN 12/27/1995
- World Cup Match: Jushin Liger beat Chris Benoit
- World Cup Match: Koji Kanemoto beat Alex Wright
- World Cup Match: Lex Luger beat Masa Chono
- World Cup Match: Johnny B Badd beat Masa Saito by DQ
- World Cup Match: Shinjiro Otani beat Eddie Guerrero
- World Cup Match: Randy Savage beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan
- World Cup Match: Sting beat Kensuke Sasaki for WCW to win the World Cup over New Japan 4-3
- Triangle Match to get title shot at event: Ric Flair beat Sting & Lex Luger
- WCW Title: Ric Flair beat Randy Savage to win the title

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