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Royal Rumble

Royal Rumble Results 1988 - 1997


Royal Rumble
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Royal Rumble 1988 - Copps Coliseum; Hamilton, Ontario 1/24/1988
- Ricky Steamboat beat Rick Rude by DQ
- WWF Women's Tag Team Title: The Jumping Bomb Angels beat Lelani Kai & Judy Martin in a best of 3 falls match to win the titles
- Dino Bravo bench pressed a record 712 pounds
- Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan signed a contract to fight on NBC
- Jim Duggan won the Royal Rumble by last eliminating the One Man Gang
- Best of 3 falls match: The Islanders beat The Young Stallions

Royal Rumble 1999 - The Summit; Houston, TX 1/15/89
- Best of three falls: The Hart Foundation & Jim Duggan beat Dino Bravo, and The Rougeau Brothers 2 falls to 1
- Women's Title: Champion Rockin' Robin pinned Judy Martin
- Posedown Challange: Ultimate Warrior & Rick Rude flexed their muscles for the crowd, Rick Rude attacked Ultimate Warrior before a winner could be announced
- Winner gets "King's Crown": Haku beat Harley Race
- Big John Studd won the Royal Rumble match last eliminating Ted DiBiase

Royal Rumble 1990 - Orlando Arena; Orlando, FL 1/21/90
- The Bushwhackers pinned The Rougeau Brothers
- Brutus Beefcake & Lanny Poffo fought to a double-DQ
- Submission Match: Ron Garvin beat Greg Valentine
- Jim Duggan beat The Big Bossman by DQ
- Hulk Hogan won The Royal Rumble by last eliminating Curt Hennig

Royal Rumble 1991 - Miami Arena; Miami, FL1/19/1991
- The Rockers beat The Orient Express
- Big Bossman beat The Barbarian
- The Mountie pinned Koko B. Ware
- Ted DiBiase & Virgil beat Dusty & Dustin Rhodes
- WWF Title Match: Sgt. Slaughter won the title from The Ultimate Warrior
- Hulk Hogan won The Royal Rumble by last eliminating Earthquake

Royal Rumble 1992 - Knickerbocker Arena; Albany, NY 1/19/92
- Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart beat The Orient Express
- I-C Title: Roddy Piper pinned The Mountie to win the title
- The Beverly Brothers beat The Bushwhackers
- Tag Team Title: The Natural Disasters beat the Champs Legion of Doom by count out
- WWF Title: Ric Flair won the Royal Rumble to become World Champion when he eliminated Sid Justice with help from Hulk Hogan

Royal Rumble 1993 - Arco Arena; Sacramento, CA 1/24/93
- The Steiner Brothers beat The Beverly Brothers
- I-C Title: Champion Shawn Micheals pinned Marty Jannetty
- Bam Bam Bigelow beat Big Bossman
- WWF Title: Champ Bret Hart beat Razor Ramon by sumbmission
- Yokozuna won the Royal Rumble match by last eliminating Randy Savage

Royal Rumble 1994 - Providence Civic Center; Providence, RI 1/22/94
- Tatanka pinned Bam Bam Bigelow
- Tag Team Title: Champions The Quebecers beat Owen & Bret Hart when the ref decided that Bret Hart was to injured to continue. After the match, Owen attacked his brother.
- I-C Title: Champion Razor Ramon beat Rick Martel
- Casket Match for WWF Title: Champion Yokozuna beat The Undertaker
- Bret Hart & Lex Luger were declared co-winners of the Royal Rumble when it was determined they were eliminated at the same time.

Royal Rumble 95 - Sun Dome; Tampa, FL 1/22/95
- I-C Title: Jeff Jarrett wins the title from Razor Ramon
- The Undertaker pinned IRS
- WWF Title: Champion Diesel & Bret Hart wrestled to a draw
- Tag Team Title Tournament Final: The Kid & Bob Holly beat Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka to win the vacant title. After the match Bam Bam Bigelow shoved Lawrence Taylor.
- Shawn Michaels wins the Royal Rumble last eliminating Davey Boy Smith

Royal Rumble 96 - Convention Center; Fresno, CA 1/21/96
- Duke Droese beats Hunter Hearst Helmsley by reverse decision to enter the rumble last and Hunter had to enter first
- Ahmed Johnson beat Jeff Jarrett by DQ
- Tag Team Title: Champs The Smokin' Guns beat The Bodydonnas
- I-C Title: Goldust beat Razor Ramon to win the title
- Shawn Michaels won The Royal Rumble last eliminating Diesel
- WWF Title: The Undertaker beat Champion Bret Hart by DQ.

Royal Rumble 1997 - Alamo Dome; San Antonio, TX 1/19/97
- La Parkita & Mascarita Sagrada beat Mini Vader & Mini Mankind
- I-C Title: Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley beat Goldust
- Ahmed Johnson beat Faarooq by DQ
- Vader beat The Undertaker
- Hector Garza, Perro Aguayo, & Canek beat Jerry Estrada, Fuerza Guerrera, & Heavy Metal
- WWF Title: Shawn Michaels beat Sid to regain the title
- Steve Austin won the Royal Rumble. He was eliminated but the refs didn't see it and he threw out Bret Hart who thought he had won the match


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