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Royal Rumble

History of the Royal Rumble


WWE Royal Rumble logo
After successfully making Jim Crockett’s first attempt at a PPV fail by creating the Survivor Series to run on PPV at the same time, Vince McMahon devised a different strategy to thwart Crockett’s second PPV. When Crockett announced that the Bunkhouse Stampede would be on PPV on 1/24/88, the WWF created a new event called The Royal Rumble that would be broadcast at the same time on the USA network. This event was so successful that it moved to PPV in 1989 and has been on PPV every January since then.

The Royal Rumble Match
This match is an over the top battle royal where two men start and a new competitor enters the ring at a certain time interval. The first Rumble had 20 men. Since then, the number has been increased to 30. The time interval is usually 2 minutes but it has been changed periodically. The first few years the winner of the match only received glory. In 1992, Ric Flair won the match to win the vacant WWF Title. Starting in 1993, the winner would earn a world title match at WrestleMania. In several cases, the winner was not able to keep that title shot for a variety of reasons.

Royal Rumble Winners
1988 – Hacksaw Jim Duggan
1989 – Big John Studd
1990 – Hulk Hogan
1991 – Hulk Hogan (2)
1992 – Ric Flair
1993 – Yokozuna
1994 – Bret Hart & Lex Luger
1995 – Shawn Michaels
1996 – Shawn Michaels (2)
1997 – Steve Austin
1998 – Steve Austin (2)
1999 – Vince McMahon
2000 – The Rock
2001 – Steve Austin (3)
2002 – Triple H
2003 – Brock Lesnar
2004 – Chris Benoit
2005 - Batista
2006 - Rey Mysterio
2007 - The Undertaker
2008 - John Cena
2009 - Randy Orton
2010 - Edge
2011 - Alberto Del Rio
2012 - Sheamus
2013 - John Cena (2)
2014 - Batista (2)

Title Changes
1988 - Women's Tag Team Championship: The Jumping Bomb Angels beat Lelani Kai & Judy Martin in a best of 3 falls match
1991 - WWF Championship: Sgt. Slaughter beat The Ultimate Warrior
1992 - Intercontinental Championship: Roddy Piper beat The Mountie
1992 - WWF Championship: Ric Flair won the Royal Rumble to win the vacant title
1995 - Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Jarrett beat Razor Ramon
1995 – World Tag Team Championship: The Kid & Bob Holly beat Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka to win the vacant title
1996 - Intercontinental Championship: Goldust beat Razor Ramon
1997 - WWF Championship: Shawn Michaels beat Sid
1999 - WWF Championship: The Rock beat Mankind in an I-Quit Match
2000- Intercontinental Championship: Co-champ Chris Jericho beat co-champ Chyna & Bob Holly to become undisputed champ
2001- World Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boyz beat Edge & Christian
2001 - Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho beat Chris Benoit in a ladder match
2002 - Intercontinental Championship: William Regal beat Edge
2003 – World Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boyz beat Lance Storm & William Regal
2006 - Cruiserweight Championship: Gregory Helms beat Champ Kid Kash, Nunzio, Funaki, Jamie Knoble, & Paul London
2006 - WWE Championship: John Cena beat Edge
2009 - Women's Championship: Melina beat Beth Phoenix
2009 - WWE Championship: Edge beat Jeff Hardy
2010 - Women's Championship: Mickie James beat Michelle McCool
2011 - Divas Championship: Eve beat Champion Natalya, Michelle McCool, and Layla
2013 - WWE Championship: The Rock beat CM Punk
The results of every match in Royal Rumble history are on the following two pages

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