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Iron Man Match History


Iron Man Match History

Kurt Angle is the only man to compete in an Iron Man Match in both the WWE & TNA

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What is an Iron Man Match?
An Iron Man Match differs from a regular professional wrestling match in that the match will go on for a specific amount of time. During that time, a wrestler can win a fall by pin, submission, count out, or disqualification. The wrestler to get the most falls during the allotted time wins the match. If a match ends with both men even, history has shown that the match will either end in a draw or will go into sudden death overtime.

When did the Iron Man Match start?
American audiences were first introduced to the Iron Man Match by World Championship Wrestling in 1992. After two PPV Iron Man Matches, the company stopped having them. The WWE introduced the match on the house show circuit in 1993 with a battle between Bret Hart and Ric Flair. The next year, Bret fought his brother Owen around the circuit. The first time one of these matches that made it to a WWE PPV event was at WrestleMania XII when Bret Hart fought Shawn Michaels. Since then, the WWE has run these matches on an occasional basis and have been joined by TNA in running these types of matches in front of a national audience.

Nationally Televised Iron Man Match Results (all matches were 30 minutes long unless noted otherwise)

6/20 Beach Blast - Ricky Steamboat beat Rick Rude 4-3

7/18 Beach Blast - Rick Rude & Dustin Rhodes battled to a 1-1 draw in a match for the vacant U.S. Championship

3/31 Wrestlemania XII - Shawn Michaels beat Bret Hart 1-0 to win the WWE Championship in a 60-minute match that went into overtime

5/21 Judgment Day - Triple H beat The Rock 6-5 in a 60-minute match to win the WWE Championship

9/18 SmackDown - Brock Lesnar beat Kurt Angle 5-4 in a 60-minute match to win the WWE Championship

7/26 RAW - World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit beat Triple H 4-3 in a 60-minute match

2/13 Against All Odds - X Division Champion A.J. Styles beat Christopher Daniels 2-1
6/2 SmackDown - WWE Tag Team Champions MNM beat Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly 2-1 in a 15-minute match
10/3 RAW - Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle fought to a 2-2 draw
10/23 Bound for Glory - X Division Champion A.J. Styles beat Christopher Daniels 1-0

1/14 Final Resolution - Kurt Angle beat Samoa Joe 3-2

1/8 ECW - WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison fought to a 1-1 draw against Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore in a 15-minute match

10/25 Bragging Rights - John Cena won the WWE Championship from Randy Orton 6-5 in a 60-Minute Anything Goes Iron Man Match

12/23 iMPACT! - Television Champion Doug Williams and AJ Styles fought to a 1-1 tie in a 15-minute match plus a 5-minute overtime

12/11 Final Resolution - World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode fought AJ Styles to a 3-3 tie

Sources used include: Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac and thehistoryofwwe.com

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