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The History of WWE Backlash


The History of WWE Backlash
© 2008 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
The Story of Backlash
The Backlash PPV made its debut in 1999. Since its inception, this event has always been the first PPV to follow WrestleMania. The first installment of this show is also the last In Your House branded PPV event. Starting in 2004, the event became exclusive to the RAW brand. The 2007 edition of the show marked the end of the era of the single-brand PPV.

Backlash Title Changes:
1999 - Hardcore Title: Al Snow beat Bob Holly
2000 - WWE Title: The Rock beat Triple H
2001 - In a match for WWE, I-C, & Tag Team Titles: WWE Champ Steve Austin & I-C Champ Triple H won the Tag Team Titles from Kane & The Undertaker
2002 - Cruiserweight Title: Tajiri beat Billy Kidman
2002 - I-C Title: Eddie Guerrero beat Rob Van Dam
2002 - WWF Title: Hulk Hogan pinned Triple H
2003 - Women's Title: Jazz beat Trish Stratus
2005 - Tag Team Title: The Hurricane & Rosey beat champs William Regal & Tajiri, The Heart Throbs, La Resistance, and Maven & Simon Dean
2006 - I-C Title: Rob Van Dam beat Shelton Benjamin
2007 - ECW Title: Vince McMahon won a 3-on-1 Handicap Match with Shane McMahon and Umaga against Lashley
2008 - U.S. Title: Matt Hardy beat MVP
2008 - WWE Title: Triple H beat Champion Randy Orton, John Cena, and JBL in an Elimination Match
2009 - ECW Title: Christian beat Jack Swagger
2009 - WWE Championship: Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, & Cody Rhodes beat Champion Triple H, Batista, & Shane McMahon. As a result, Orton won the title
2009 - World Championship: Edge beat John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match

Backlash: In Your House – Providence Civic Center; Providence, RI 4/25/99
- Bradshaw, Farooq & Midian beat The Brood (Edge, Christian, & Gangrel)
- Hardcore Title: Al Snow beat Bob Holly to win the title
- I-C Title: Champ The Godfather beat Goldust
- The New Age Outlaws beat Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett
- Boiler Room Brawl: Mankind beat The Big Show
- Triple H beat X-Pac
- The Undertaker beat Ken Shamrock
- WWF Title: Champ Steve Austin beat The Rock

Backlash 2000 – MCI Center; Washington, DC 4/30/00
- Tag Team Title: Champs Edge & Christian beat Road Dogg & X-Pac
- Lightheavyweight Title: Champ Dean Malenko beat Scotty Too Hotty
- Big Bossman & Bull Buchanan beat The APA
- Hardcore Title Six-way match: Champ Crash Holly beat Bob Holly, The Hardy Boyz, Perry Saturn & Tazz
- The Big Show beat Kurt Angle
- Test & Albert beat The Dudley Boyz
- European Title: Champ Eddie Guerrero beat Essa Rios
- I-C Title: Champ Chris Benoit beat Chris Jericho by DQ
- WWF Title: The Rock beat Triple H to win the title

Backlash 2001 – Allstate Arena; Chicago, IL 4/29/01
- Justin Credible, X-Pac & Albert beat Buh Buh Ray, D-Von, & Spike Dudley
- Hardcore Title: Champ Rhyno beat Raven
- Duchess of Queensbury Match: William Regal beat Chris Jericho
- 30 minute ultimate submission match: Chris Benoit beat Kurt Angle 4-3 in overtime
- Last Man Standing: Shane McMahon beat The Big Show
- European Title: Champion Matt Hardy beat Christian & Eddie Guerrero
- In a match for WWF, I-C, & Tag Team Titles: WWF Champ Steve Austin & I-C champ Triple H won the Tag Team Titles from Kane & The Undertaker

Backlash 2002 – Kemper Arena; Kansas City, MO 4/21/02
- Cruiserweight Title: Tajiri beat Billy Kidman to win the title
- Scott Hall beat Bradshaw
- Women's Title: Champ Jazz beat Trish Stratus
- Brock Lesnar beat Jeff Hardy
- Kurt Angle beat Edge
- I-C Title: Eddie Guerrero beat Rob Van Dam to win the title
- The Undertaker beat Steve Austin
- Tag Team Title: Champs Billy & Chuck beat Maven and Al Snow
- WWF Title: Hulk Hogan pinned Triple H to win the title

Backlash 2003 – Centrum; Worchester, MA 4/27/03
- Smackdown Tag Team Title: Champions Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas beat The Guerreros
- Sean O'Haire beat Rikishi
- Raw Tag Team Title: Champs Rob Van Dam & Kane beat The Dudley Boyz
- Women's Title: Jazz beat champ Trish Stratus to win the title
- The Big Show beat Rey Mysterio Jr.
- WWE Title: Champ Brock Lesnar beat John Cena
- Triple H, Ric Flair & Chris Jericho beat Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, & Booker T
- Goldberg beat The Rock

Backlash 2004 (RAW) – Rexall Place; Edmonton, Alberta 4/18/04
- Shelton Benjamin beat Ric Flair
- The Coach beat Tajiri
- Handicap Match: Chris Jericho beat Christian & Trish Stratus
- Women's Title: Champ Victoria beat Lita
- Falls count anywhere for I-C title: Champ Randy Orton beat Mick Foley
- The Hurricane & Rosey beat La Resistance
- Edge beat Kane
- World Heavyweight Title: Champ Chris Benoit beat Triple H & Shawn Michaels

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