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The Win-Loss Record of Every Wrestler to Fight in a Money in the Bank Match


The Win-Loss Record of Every Wrestler to Fight in a Money in the Bank Match

CM Punk won the Money in the Bank Match at WrestleMania 25.

Bill Olive/Getty Images
The Money in the Bank Match debuted at WrestleMania 21. For the next five years, this bout was a part of WrestleMania. In 2010, the concept was moved to a pay-per-view event named after the bout.

The match is just like any other multi-man ladder match. Where it differs is that the prize is very huge for the winner of this match. The winner is guaranteed a title shot whenever they want to take it within the next year. Every time the title shot has been cashed in, it has been converted into championship gold. To find out more about the fate of the winner of this bout, click here.

Kane and Christian have appeared in the most Money in the Bank Ladder Matches with a total of six each. Christian also holds the record for the most Money in the Bank Match losses at six. CM Punk is the only man to win this bout twice. John Cena and Alberto Del Rio are the only wrestlers to be undefeated in this type of bout.

Alberto Del Rio 1-0
Alex Riley 0-1
Antonio Cesaro 0-1
Big Show 0-2
Bobby Lashley 0-1
Booker T 0-1
Carlito 0-1
Chris Benoit 0-1
Chris Jericho 0-4
Christian 0-6
CM Punk 2-2
Cody Rhodes 0-4
Damien Sandow 1-1
Daniel Bryan 1-1
Dean Ambrose 0-1
Dolph Ziggler 1-2
Drew McIntyre 0-2
Edge 1-2
Evan Bourne 0-3
Fandango 0-1
Finlay 0-3
Heath Slater 0-1
Jack Swagger 1-2
Jeff Hardy 0-1
John Cena 1-0
John Morrison 0-2
Justin Gabriel 0-1
Kane 1-5
Kofi Kingston 0-4
Mark Henry 0-2
Matt Hardy 0-4
Mr. Kennedy 1-1
MVP 0-3
R-Truth 0-1
Randy Orton 1-2
Rey Mysterio 0-1
Ric Flair 0-1
Rob Van Dam 1-1
Santino Marella 0-1
Sheamus 0-2
Shelton Benjamin 0-5
Sin Cara 0-2
Ted DiBiase 0-1
Tensai 0-1
The Miz 1-2
Tyson Kidd
Wade Barrett 0-2

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