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SummerSlam Anthology Volume 3 DVD Review

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SummerSlam Anthology Volume 3 DVD Review

SummerSlam Anthology Volume 3

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The Bottom Line

If I made a list of the top 10 SummerSlam events in the history of the event, all five discs on this set would be a part of it. These five discs start at the height of the Attitude era and ends a few weeks after the WWF became the WWE. If you are only going to buy one of the four volumes of this set, this is the one I recommend the most. For a complete listing of all the matches on this DVD set, make sure to check out the SummerSlam section of the site.
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  • The best 5-year span of SummerSlam events are a part of this set


  • The F is blurred in the first 4 discs of this volume
  • A few songs are changed on this volume of the set


  • This 5-disc set features SummerSlam events from 1998 - 2002.
  • SummerSlam '98 Main Event: WWE Champion Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker
  • '99 - Governor Ventura is referee: WWE Champion Steve Austin vs. Mick Foley vs. Triple H
  • '00 - WWE Champion The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Kurt Angle
  • '01 - WCW Champion Booker T vs. The Rock
  • '02 - WWE Champion The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar

Guide Review - SummerSlam Anthology Volume 3 DVD Review

From a wrestling and entertainment standpoint, this was the glory days of the SumemrSlam PPV events. In particular, some consider the 2002 event the best non-WrestleMania event the company has done this decade. I am slightly partial to the second One Night Stand event, but I have no problem considering it the second best non-WrestleMania event this decade.

The shocking thing for me was looking back at the Invasion-era event in 2001. While the Invasion itself is considered a huge letdown, that era still produced some great PPV events. SummerSlam 2001 was one of them.

The 1999 and 2000 events took place at the height of the Attitude era. The '99 event garnered main stream attention when Governor Ventura served as referee in the main event. The '00 event was the night Kurt Angle became a legitimate main eventer in many people's minds. His gutsy comeback from a nasty accident gained him a huge amount of respect from wrestling fans.

The '98 event is the only one with a significant issue. It took place at MSG and used the short-ramp. The short ramp was in the hard camera view for the majority of the event and the blurring of that F took awhile to get used to.

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