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WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology 1998 - 2007

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WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology 1998 - 2007

WWE Royal Rumble Anthology

(c) 2007 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Bottom Line

The Royal Rumble is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Due to the sheer number of wrestlers involved in each event, this show gives a true barometer of the state of WWE at a given time. If you are a fan of wrestling with a few dollars to burn, this is a must-buy set.
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  • Every match and sketch from every Royal Rumble event is shown.
  • My favorite match of all time (RR 92 Match) is on this DVD.
  • Many of these events are available for the first time on DVD.


  • Matches for the first Rumble are cut for commercial breaks.


  • The DVD set contains 20 discs.
  • The DVD set is only available in the 20-disc set, not in volumes like the WrestleMania set was.
  • The running time for this set is over 55 hours.
  • Jesse Ventura's commentary is on the DVD.
  • The WWF attitude era logo is blurred out.
  • A few theme songs have been changed.
  • The words WWF are edited to WW(silence).
  • The words World Wrestling Federation are said in their entirety.

Guide Review - WWE Royal Rumble: The Complete Anthology 1998 - 2007

The Royal Rumble is usually one of the best events of the year. Due to the sheer number of wrestlers in each show, this show gives a great barometer for how WWE was doing in a particular year. Watching this DVD brought back memories of wrestlers that I had totally forgotten about.

One of my favorite things about this set is getting to hear full shows featuring Jesse Ventura and Bobby Heenan on commentary. While all other aspects of WWE broadcasting have vastly improved over the past 20 years, the one thing that I really miss is hearing those two men on commentary. It is also quite humorous to hear Vince McMahon portray a clueless announcer while in reality he was the man in charge of everything.

As a die-hard fan, I had a copy of almost every one of these shows originally recorded on VHS. Unlike other review copy DVD's, this one I had to pay for due to About.com's gift rules. The $200 I spent to upgrade my DVD collection is a purchase that I feel is well worth it. If my willingness to spend $200 for events that I already had copies of isn't a ringing endorsement for this DVD then I don't know what is.

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