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Review of The Road Warriors by Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis

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Review of The Road Warriors by Joe

The Road Warriors: Death, Danger, and the Rush of Wrestling by Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis

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The Bottom Line

The Road Warriors became the greatest tag team in professional wrestling history by pulling no punches and not trying to be fancy. Road Warrior Animal writes with the same style that he wrestled with and his autobiography is just as entertaining and successful as anything he did inside of the ring.
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  • Great backstage stories about the companies he worked for.
  • Several bizarre moments that took place during the matches that fans were unaware of.


  • My review is based on an uncorrected proof of the book so the final product may be different.


  • The book was written by Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis and Andrew William Wright.
  • The forward was written by "Precious" Paul Ellering.
  • The hardcover book has a suggested retail price of $24.95.
  • My copy of the book was 300 pages without any photos.

Guide Review - Review of The Road Warriors by Joe "Animal" Laurinaitis

The Road Warriors were to tag team wrestling in the '80s what Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair were to singles wrestling during that era. While Flair and Hogan's autobiographies didn't match the greatness of their careers, this book gives a reader everything they could want in a book about this legendary tag team.

The book starts off with Animal breaking into the business and it is amazing the people he began his training with. He drove to wrestling class with three other people that would become huge stars in the business: Hawk, Rick Rude, and Demolition Smash (aka Repo Man and Barry Darsow). In addition to talking about his dealings with them, he also helped get Scott Norton and Nikita Koloff involved in the wrestling business.

One of the most interesting things about the career of the Road Warriors is that despite their huge success, they have been around some tremendous failures in the wrestling business. They wrestled in Georgia when the company was sold to Vince McMahon. They went to the AWA and saw that company decline tremendously. They went over to the NWA and were a part of that company when Jim Crockett was forced to sell the company to Ted Turner and were also there during the Jim Herd error (pun intended). Animal gives an interesting take on these topics that are sure to intrigue fans of both the team and wrestling history in general.

After leaving World Championship Wrestling, the team went to World Wrestling Entertainment where they were given a new name (The Legion of Doom) and were without their long-time manager, Paul Ellering. Interestingly, this was not their first contact with the company. Animal details a meeting the group had with Vince McMahon several years earlier when they tried to play Vince against Jim Crockett during a previous negotiation meeting.

Problems for the team began around this time as Hawk's drug use became a major issue for both men. Hawk's drug abuse was so bad that it resulted in the group losing the World Tag Team Championship in a phantom title change to Money Inc. Amazingly, Hawk's problems with the company and drugs only got worse from there. As most wrestling fans know, this story ended in a tragedy similar to that of Eddie Guerrero as Hawk died of a heart attack brought on by year's of abusing his body despite recently turning his life around.

Overall Recommendation: Before I give you my recommendation, I have to let you know that my recommendation and review are based on an uncorrected proof and not what you will be getting in stores. This is a great book that deserves a place in the wrestling library of any wrestling fan that wants to know more about wrestling during the '80s and '90s. This book is similar in style and content quality to those by Bret Hart and Gary Hart, both of which I consider to be among the greatest wrestling autobiographies ever.

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Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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