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Race To Witch Mountain DVD Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Race To Witch Mountain DVD Review

Race to Witch Mountain DVD Cover

© 2009 Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

The Bottom Line

This is a fun-filled action movie that is also relatively family friendly. For older wrestling fans that have children, this is a movie you will want to watch with them. It has the Disney seal of approval that both protects and entertains your children and it is also an action-packed movie that you will also enjoy.
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  • The action is fast-paced.
  • Dwayne Johnson's performance featured the best acting by a former pro wrestler.
  • Disney put some money into this movie and the effects looked impressive.


  • There is a lot of violence in this movie for a Disney flick (but that made it enjoyable for me)


  • The movie is rated PG.
  • The movie has a run time of 99 minutes.
  • The movie stars Dwayne Johnson and also features Carla Gugino.
  • The movie is available in three different packages.
  • Package 1 - single-disc DVD
  • Package 2 - two disc extended DVD + Digital Copy
  • Package 3 - Blu-Ray + single-disc DVD + Digital Copy
  • Digital Copy allows you to transfer the movie to other platforms (ex: iPod)

Guide Review - Race To Witch Mountain DVD Review

The Plot
Dwayne Johnson plays the part of a cab driver that once worked for the mob. While trying to escape his former life, two passengers enter his cab that bring him even more trouble. Not only does he have to fight off the mob, he also has to deal with the government, and an assassin from another world.

In addition to the action scenes, there are also some humorous moments in the film as Dwayne Johnson not only has to deal with real aliens; he also has to deal with an alien sci-fi convention going on in Las Vegas. Legendary comedy stars Cheech Marin and Garry Marshall have small cameo roles in this movie.

I was a little concerned before watching this movie because I haven't seen the original in decades and I also didn't see Escape from Witch Mountain which was released a few years ago. The good news is that you don't need to have seen any of these movies to be able to follow this one.

As far as the Rock goes, he has successfully made the transformation from wrestler to actor. His transition from action star to the father-figure for Disney is quite amazing. He has mastered this niche and not once while I was watching this movie did I think about him being the Rock. Those "Die Rocky Die" chants he once heard must have really worked. The character of the Rock that Dwayne Johnson once portrayed is truly dead. The People's Champion is now the People's Actor.

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