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Heroes of World Class - The Story of the Von Erichs & WCCW

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Heroes of World Class - The Story of the Von Erichs & WCCW

Heroes of World Class DVD Cover

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The Bottom Line

This is the greatest documentary about the history of any wrestling promotion. The disc features interviews with the major stars of WCCW that are still with us and footage from a Chris Adams shoot interview before his death. This DVD will make you relive some of the greatest moments in wrestling history and feel the sadness of perhaps the worst chapter in wrestling history.
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  • The best documentary of a wrestling promotion ever made
  • Very emotional interviews with some of the remaining stars of WCCW
  • A tour of The Sportatorium before it was torn down due structural damage
  • Footage of the greatest moments in the history of WCCW


  • Audio volume changes depending on the interview


  • The DVD is over 2 1/2 hours long
  • The movie is directed by Brian Harrison
  • Music includes The Flaming Lips & Stevie Ray Vaughn
  • Interviews include: Kevin Adkisson (Kevin Von Erich) and others stars of WCCW

Guide Review - Heroes of World Class - The Story of the Von Erichs & WCCW

Just like ECW, WCCW made wrestling history from a tiny building. The difference between the companies is that while ECW struggled to be number 3, at one time WCCW was the number 1 wrestling promotion based on TV ratings, attendance, and world tours. In Dallas, the Von Erich family was even more popular than the Dallas Cowboys. Due to their revolutionary telecasts, they forever changed the way that wrestling is presented on television.

This DVD spends a great time explaining what made WCCW so special, both inside the ring and outside of it. Unfortunately, the saga of WCCW is one of the saddest in wrestling history. The story of WCCW is directly tied to the story of the Von Erich family. At one time, David, Kevin, & Kerry Von Erich were the biggest stars in the business. The family encountered many tragedies that saw Kevin as the only remaining brother out of the six sons of Fritz Von Erich. The Von Erich's were not the only wrestlers to suffer untimely deaths. Three of the top stars in WCCW were murdered and none of their murderers ever spent a day in jail.

The DVD ends with Kevin Von Erich touring the damaged Sportatorium in a scene that brings some closure to the sad ending of WCCW. While there is tremendous sadness in this story, it is also a celebration of a great time in wrestling history.

Overall Recommendation: Must Buy

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Awesome!, Member jcody1019

This documentary brought back so many memories of my childhood!! My family used to go to the Sportatorium every Friday night and watched WCCW every weekend. The Von Erichs are the best there ever was and will be! And all the others that made up WCCW could never be replaced. This dvd shows how great they truly were as wrestlers and people. And how much they were a foundation for what wrestling is today!

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