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The New and Improved DX DVD

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The New and Improved DX DVD

New & Improved DX DVD Cover

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The Bottom Line

This is the first time that the WWE has released a DVD set that encompasses every televised appearance by a group of wrestlers for a six month period. Unfortunately, it is kind of like eating too much at a buffet. It seems like a good idea and is fun when you start, but by the ninth hour of this disc you wonder what you found so appealing in the first place. If nine hours of men forcing other men to kiss their butts, rooster jokes, and squash matches involving the Spirit Squad is you idea of a good time then this DVD is for you.
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  • The packing contains a cool surprise inside.
  • Several instant classic sketches are on this DVD.
  • The most thorough recap of any wrestlers for a specific period of time.


  • While there are many classic sketches there are no classic matches.
  • Too many squash matches.
  • Chapter titles are not specific enough to let you know what matches might be there.
  • The jokes become too repetitive.


  • This is a 3-disc DVD set.
  • The running time for this DVD is approximately nine hours.
  • If you buy this disc, there is a very cool packaging surprise waiting inside.

Guide Review - The New and Improved DX DVD

This DVD chronicles D-Generation X from June 2006 until November 2006. If you are looking for anything from the original era of DX, you will not find it on this DVD. This 3-disc set features every televised skit and match that Shawn Michaels and Triple H had during that time period. Unfortunately, the majority of those matches involved the Spirit Squad. The matches on this DVD are not good and to make matters worse, many of the matches are not listed on the DVD chapter list.

This DVD is not meant for those that enjoy good wrestling. If you are a fan of the funny promos and backstage segments, you might be interested in this DVD. There are several skits that are hilarious. Unfortunately, there are only so many rooster jokes that one can make.

PPV Matches on this DVD

  • Vengeance - D-X vs. The Spirit Squad
  • SummerSlam - D-X vs Vince & Shane McMahon
  • Unforgiven - Hell in a Cell: D-X vs The Big Show, Vince, and Shane McMahon
  • Cyber Sunday - D-X vs Rated RKO
  • Survivor Series - D-X, The Hardys, and CM Punk vs Rated RKO, Mike Knox, Gregory Helms, & Johnny Nitro
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